October at Dark Goddesses Collective

Here at Dark Goddesses Collective, part of the work we do is to re-claim the Goddesses of power. To speak their stories through our own eyes, meditations and workings. As well as through the eyes of scholars that have cast off the patriarchal slant placed upon them.
Remember, it is power WITH, not power over.

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For the month of October, we have some deeply meaningful work and wisdom to share with all of you

Our theme for the month is: The Dead Speak. – Wisdom and practices all about honoring and connecting with our ancestors. Ancestors of both our lineage and those chain breakers who have gone before us.

Our Goddess of the month is: Hel – She is both Goddess and place. She receives half of the dead in Hel, which is in Niflheim. She was cast there by Odin and given authority over 9 worlds. It is Hel who is said to have gifted Huginn and Muninn to Odin.

Some of what we have planned:
A Ritual of Releasing – Using a poppet filled with all the things you wish to walk away from to be born anew, a firepit, and a call to Hel to welcome her into the space of Dark Goddesses Collective. This will be video recorded on the evening of October 1st and will be placed here on the blog as soon as it is uploaded to Youtube.

An incense blend for the month to honor our Mighty Dead as the veil thins.

Using the Sacred Black Candle in the month of October – Mini workshop article.

Meditation(s) and/or channeled messages via audio.

The Dead Speak Divination method.

An article on Hel, herself, her history, the areas she resides over, ways to connect with her to heal the shadow self.

Setting up Chthonic altars to our mighty dead, with different examples.

Honoring our dead and the spirit of land. Protocols for visiting graveyards, connecting with our ancestors, collecting earth for our work in the year ahead, and offerings to the land as payment.

As the month progresses, other work may present itself. So be sure to subscribe to our blog feed for new posts. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram

A candle & a key,
With Darkest Gratitude,
Ivy & Kaycee

2 thoughts on “October at Dark Goddesses Collective”

  1. I have been pondering the things that no longer serve me. I keep adding!! This will be a welcome release.
    I can also really sense the veil thinning. My Shaman mom I have easily spirit walked with. No searching. I am so grateful. She left me a portal to enter her world. I hear my beloved grandmother in my dreams and meditations. I need her thoughts and advice. I can smell my dad’s pipe smoke. I believe this year I will connect with him. I miss my folks so much as I never had time to say goodbye with the plane crash. Mom came to me right away. After 25 years I treasure my memories of my dad. I have a lovely ancestor altar. I love what you are allowing us to share with you. Thank you.

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