Month: November 2021

Nyx Sigil and Recordings for her

November has been an absolute whirlwind! As we prepare to say farewell to November, we are wrapping up our month of Veneration to Nyx.

The Sigil

I have created a Sigil to Nyx for you to use in your future workings.

Sigil by Author

Orphic Hymn to Nyx

I have also chosen to record the Orphic Hymn to Nyx for you to use as a means to call her in.

The Message

As I was working with Nyx, she sent a channeled message through. I have made a recording of it as well.

Darkest Blessings,

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Honoring the homes we create

Where is Home?


It’s such a simple word, but it’s filled with complexities. It carries a different meaning for all of us..

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

For all of us, Earth is our home. This, is where the similarities mostly end. Each of our ideas of what home is, can differ wildly from here.

The first place we’re brought to, after we’re born, is home. If one is lucky this is where their best memories are and they can always come back here.

Home is where we lay our head at night. For some, that is a tiny home with a small foot print. For others, it may be something much bigger. It is where we come to in order to shut out the constant din of the world outside. For our ancestors, it may have been caves or groves. It was a shelter from the elements made of everything from bone to rock to wood.

For some Romany people, their traveling Vardo is home.

Image from Pinterest

Each of us have places in the world that speak to our very souls. For me it’s the parks and forests surrounding me. When I step into those places, my spirit is at peace. Others may feel that peace when they are near the oceans. We are each unique in the places that feel like home.

I was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains, in a tiny little town that is quite close to the Eastern Band of the Cherokee. There is magic in this land, but there is also sorrow. For a very long time I struggled with being a “Hillbilly”. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to understand that my ancestors are a tough lot. They survived conditions and poverty that is truly heartbreaking. These mountains, they are my home. When I stand on this land, I feel the blood of my ancestors rush through my veins. Home is in the very wind that blows upon my face.

Photo by Dawn Gaddis on Unsplash

People can be home, too. There are certain amazing people in my life that I can embrace and it is home. My children, grandchildren, friends, and my beloved. There aren’t many, but when home is a person, it can change the entire day just by seeing them.

My Witchcraft? It too is home. When I stand in my power, knowing I’m doing what is best for me and mine, there isn’t a feeling of wholeness more profound than craft the life I want. That home, within a home, within a home is the warm embrace of a thousand dreams.

  • So what or where is home for you?
  • Is it the mountains, the forests, the ocean?
  • Or is it something else entirely?

Let us take today and be grateful for all we have in our lives. The people that bring us joy and the places that bring us peace.


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Nyx, Goddess of Night

Image from Pinterest

Nyx, daughter of Khaos, the Primordial one, wrapped in a cloak of stars. She who illuminates deep within the darkness and holds the mirror that shows us who we are. Our hopes, our fears, the very fabric from the cosmos that created each of us. Feared by Gods and men alike, for she is truth in its purest form.

My Work with Nyx

I have sat for many days, pondering. Even I am not immune to things such as self-doubt and impostor syndrome. It is within the moon’s gaze that I have begun to understand that there is still much work to do. So with her I have sat, listening, unraveling, discovering.

It is within this process of discovery that I have had reflected back at me the parts within myself that I really rather don’t like. Perfectionism, procrastination, doubt, that I am diving deep to root out the source and banish it from my life. This time, for good.

Image from Pinterest

Creating the life we are meant to live

There are lessons within all we do and it is through her wisdom that I am learning how to let go. You will shed tears, so many tears. Yet water is cleansing catharsis. There are people who have walked out of my life that I have been grieving for far too long. The time has come to step past that hurt. It is not me that is broken.

Nyx’s stars have shined upon me, always. When one such as she places you in her gaze, it can be overwhelming at first. You want to “live up to” some sort of extraordinary standard that takes root in your mind. While our Divines expect us to live up to our potential, they don’t expect us to just know how to do that at a moment’s notice.

Meeting her in her domain

Working with Nyx is a process and one worthy of doing well, not necessarily quickly. I urge you to stand beneath the crescent moon, the starry sky, and even the sky filled with inky blackness. Hold a moonstone in your hand and just…listen. Breathe and listen. Lose yourself in the twinkling of the stars of her cloak. Her voice is within the shadows and upon the wind. Think about what it is saying to you. The path toward creating a life worthy of you and all you have to offer. Once you know the way, move forward and don’t look back.

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Darkest Blessings,

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