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November’s Anthology to Goddess Nyx

Nyx as Creatrix

Nyx, born of chaos/khaos she is a primordial Deity and one feared by Zeus himself. She is far older and far more powerful. Yet, little remains of her mythology. This month, we have spent sometime rediscovering her. She is far more than appears on the surface.

Nyx by Gustave Moreau

As much as she is darkness itself, within the cloak of stars she wears are brilliant bursts of light. She, like many of the Greek Deities, is honored through an Orphic Hymn. The translation of it is here for you to add to your own practice.

Orphic Hymn to Nyx

I shall sing of Nyx, Mother of gods and men.
Nyx – and let us call her Kypris – gave birth to all.
Hearken, O blessed goddess, jet-black and star-lit,
Whose delight is in quiet and slumber-filled serenity.
Cheerful and delightsome, O mother of dreams, you love the nightlong revel,
And your gentleness rids of cares, and offers respite from toil.
Giver of sleep, beloved of all you are, as you drive your steeds and gleam in darkness.
Ever incomplete, now terrestrial and now again celestial,
You circle around in pursuit of sprightly phantoms,
You force light into the nether world, and again you flee into Hades.
Dreadful necessity governs all things.
But now, O blessed one, yea beatific and desired by all,
I call on you to grant a kind ear to my voice of supplication,
And benevolent, come to disperse fears that glisten in the dark.

If you would like to hear it recited, you can find a recording within the article linked here. You will also find a sigil for inscribing upon candles and placing into your own workings with her.

If you are feeling lost, or stuck, you can call upon her for clarity. She can guide you through the dark, as it is her domain. Sit in darkness, on the New Moon. Call to her and explain your situation. Then, simply listen. She will show you the way forward.

Darkest Blessings

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