How to create and use Sigils

Sigilcrafting with purpose

Sigilcraft is an art. An act of devotion to the Divine, used for all manners of purpose. I have used sigils for everything from protection, to grounding, abundance, and, yes, as part of my practice to connect with The Dark Goddesses. Creating them is the “easy” part. What do you do with them afterwards? That’s up to the individual practitioner.

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Some ways to use them.

  • Draw them on yourself for an effortless means of contacting The Goddesses
  • Create an altar of devotion to our monthly Goddess and add the sigil
  • Focus on them as part of meditations & journeys
  • Place them around your home/in your purse/car/etc for protection
  • Sleep with them under your pillow for peaceful rest
  • Use full moon water and “paint” them on windows

There is no right or wrong way to use sigils.

Methods of Creation

The crossout method is the easiest. What that entails is crossing out repeat letters from the name/intention. Turn the remaining letters into their base shapes & arrange them together to form something akin to rune staves.

The chart method is the next simplest. Create a chart with letters. Then draw a continuous line from one letter to the next until the intent/name is spelled out completely. Those lines then become your sigil.

Until now I’ve always used some variation of the crossout method the most. For Cerridwen, I wanted something different. I decided to let intuition and our Beloved Cerridwen guide my hand as I created.

Photo/Sigil created by Author

The first shape that came to form was the cauldron/bowl/crescent moon. The cauldron and the crescent are two of her symbols. From there, we know that wheat is another of her symbols and signifies abundance. Spirals show our connection to the all that is everywhere. Fire purifies.

Depending on the energies you wish to tap into, upright leads you into the cauldron, sideways taps into the moon energies.

Coming soon!

Having this ready for my next article, where we’re building a portable devotional altar, will help you to tap that energy fairly quickly. We’ll also be using it, again, in a few more days to help as a focal point.

Please be sure to check back through our articles and post for this month, as we prepare to step into the cauldron.

Darkest Blessings,

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We believe that it is important to empower each other by connecting in a way that provokes and encourages knowledge of self, of sovereignty, and that which builds intuition.

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