Altar Work: Sigil To Eris

Crafting the Devotional Altar – The Sigil

At this point, we’ve all made our Eris Awareness Oil and we’ve been using it on a regular basis. To bring awareness to Eris’ presence. Also our Black Sacred Candle has been made and we’ve been burning it for a few minutes each day. If you have allowed yourself to be open to her messages, she has brought wisdom to you. In working with her with genuine truth-seeking, she is a deep ally.

Now is the time to begin building a devotional altar to her. My next article we will talk more about that. For now, it’s time to craft your sigil. My process is different than most and can vary from day to day. One of the symbols of Eris is a golden Apple. Apples can also be used as offering. She was pretty clear in where she was leading me.

As I began drawing her in to work on her sigil, I felt called to the web. The one that we as Witches and humans weave among our social circle and our communities. When I went searching, I found something quite interesting. I have always adored a sweet little 8-legged friend in the Salticidae family of spiders. Which is a genus of jumping spiders, known as Eris.

Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

How sweet is this little guy?

As I was drawing the sigil, a spider appeared on the apple and it was absolutely perfect! Her name keeps us rooted and the wings help us to take flight. The underworld AND the upperworld workings are both required to make the profound discoveries that are our truth and our healing.

Sigil by Author

You can choose to draw your own sigil, or you can use mine as a model. I will say, the more of us that use the collective sigil, the stronger it becomes in y/our workings. Once you have created it, anoint it with your awareness oil, pass it through the smoke of your black sacred candle, and set it upon your altar to charge. 24 hours should be plenty of time for you to begin working with it.

A candle and a key, Darkest Blessings,
Kaycee & Ivy

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Featured Image: Eris: – Greek Gods & Goddesses, June 10, 2018

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