Eris Altar and Storm Blend

Honoring Eris & Yourself

Eris is, no doubt, a Goddess that requires you to go inward and face the storms within yourself. Humans are incredibly complex creatures, existing in both darkness and light. If you neglect one side of that duality, you’re living in a place of deep denial. I have found more healing in shadow than the light has ever led me to find.

This month, for me, has been about finding my way THROUGH the storms. If your immediate reaction to difficulties is to try to find a way around them, it will only mean that you will face the storm again. Avoidance is never the answer.

I know others have had similar issues over the last few weeks, so I came up with a bowl blend to help you through it.

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I used a glass candle lid and added my herbs and stones to a base of salt.

To ease anxiety – Passionflower
To receive blessings – Mistletoe
To deal with challenges – Peppermint
To receive comfort – Peridot
Confidence – Citrine
To feel in control – Cedar
For a constant guardian – Dandelion
To feel more secure – Cinnamon
For overall protection – Tiger’s eye

Each morning, with my daily work, I would sit with the blend for a few minutes. Stirring it with my index finger on my right hand. Releasing anything that seemed to be holding me back and absorbing all of the properties of the herbs and stones. This allowed me to face the day with confidence. At all other times, it remained on my altar.

You could easily use this blend all the time. I would just suggest that on the Dark/New Moon, you start over fresh. Thanking the herbal and stone spirits who have helped guide you over the previous moon cycle.

Setting the Altar

Devotional Altars really help us to focus and pull in the energy of the Divine. They help us to connect with our Deities, to build relationships with them. Without a relationship to them, our workings can suffer.

Goddesses are so much more than their correspondences. Reducing them to said correspondences is an insult. Just as you are so much more than what appears on the surface, so are they. One of the many beautiful things about Eris, is there is no such “list”. It is through our own intuition that we discover how to work with her. Through our visits to the Garden of Gateways.

Photo by Author

Through my own workings

I discovered many beautiful things regarding our Beloved Eris.

I fell in love with Jumping Spiders several years ago. Not even making the connection between them and the Goddess Eris. Yet here I am now seeing the woven web she’s been laying out for me for many, many years.

When I began to work on her sigil, including a spider was a natural thing for me to do. Using discernment is so important in the work we do as Witches. I often ask myself, “Are those Ravens/Vultures/etc. Here with a message for me? Or are they just doing what they do?” You would be surprised how many times it’s the latter. The wings represent higher consciousness. Reaching for that knowledge that can take us to new ways of being.

Once the sigil was complete, I decided a spider needed more prominence in the work. So I added a spider used for floral arrangements. My herbal blend got added to it after that. These items alone were enough. Yet I felt a drive to add Fluorite. While this is one of my absolute favorite stones, as I sat with it I dove deeper than I probably ever have with her.

Remember the storms & chaos? Fluorite is an incredibly effective stress reliever. It helps us to center, in the midst of those personal storms, so we may find the way through. The meaningful way through, so that the storm doesn’t return.

Using this altar has brought an enlightenment from her wisdom that has carried me through the storm. Challenges will always arise. It is part of daily life sometimes. Now, I have the tools to look at them objectively, decide for myself if the battle is worth fighting, and facing it like the warrior I know myself to be.

Darkest Blessings,

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