Month: May 2022

Spitfire Corner – Righteous Rage in the face of tragedy

In this episode, I speak to the tragedy of this week. You are entitled to your rage.

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Darkest Blessings,

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Goddess Medusa Overview for May

For the month of May, here at DGC, we’re diving DEEP with the Gorgon Queen herself, Medusa. She was one of 3 Gorgon sisters and a Priestess of Athena. Until Poseidon decided to violate her sovereignty of self and she was “punished” for his transgressions. I, however, don’t believe that to be entirely true. The patriarchy’s narrative is so insidious in the myths of strong, powerful women. Getting to the truth of the matter can be incredibly tricky. I have spent years attempting to unravel the lies we’ve been told.

Medusa Spirit Doll by Silvia’s Spirits Gifted to me by Kaycee Reeves. Photo by me.

Many accept, at face value, that Medusa is Greek. The depiction of her, at the Temple of Hadrian in Syria, says otherwise. Syria was a vital part of the Silk Road. Which means stories were able to travel long distances from their places of origin. We, as modern day practitioners, have to follow clues to discover what’s accurate. Listening to the Goddesses (for me she IS a Goddess) as they tell their stories, brings us closer to what has been obscured by smoke, mirrors, and blatant lies.

What we’re doing this month

Our Monthly Black Sacred Candle
Herbal Blend
Medusa Poppet
Charged Dark Moon Eclipse Cleansing Water
The Demon’s Eye Article
Life of Frida Kahlo
Just what is Of Serpents & Storms?
Medusa Tarot Spread

If time allows

Ivy’s Spitfire Corner Episode 2
Anything else Medusa may bring forth. She’s been rather chatty.

We have discovered she enjoys the following songs
O Dark Mother by Abbi Spinner McBride
Bone by Bone by Marya Stark

Please share your stories with us of working with Medusa. Your understanding of her. Anything that feels like it is helping you to stand stronger in your own sovereignty. We are a community and growing together is incredibly important. Your experience may be the missing piece of another’s journey. Or may inspire them to look at things a different way.

Darkest Blessings,

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Tiamat Mother Dragon – An Anthology



Correspondences for Tiamat are a personal journey. I do have some to get you started.

Places: The Ocean, The Milky Way
Stones: Dragons Blood Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Amazonite, Moldavite, Coral, and Shells
Colors: Blue, Green
Creatures: Dragons
Resin: Dragons Blood Resin
Other: Sand, Dirt, Salt Water

My Own Experience with Tiamat, Primordial Mother

A lot of the work I did with Tiamat was done while I was submerged in water. Bath teas and Bath Salts helped to heighten my experiences. She will lead you where you need to go. Even if, at times, it’s frightening. The first time I worked with her, surrounded by water, it really was an initiation. I am used to being surrounded by fire or in meadows. Tiamat though, she is different in many ways, so being surrounded by deep water was new to me.

At first, I desperately tried to swim for the surface. I could sense her amusement as she reminded me that I was safe. It was not done with even a hint of malice. She knew I needed a deep dive to shed myself of situations and ways of being to reach closer to wholeness. Once I had calmed down, she began to speak. Sharing with me the deep wisdom that only the Primordial Goddesses have to bestow. They have watched the world from the beginning. The cycles repeat more often than we can comprehend.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

A good example of that, is the birth/death/rebirth cycle. In order to grow into what we are meant to become, we shed our skin many times over the course of our journey. She reminds us that our rage is valid. Not only is it valid, it is necessary. Change only comes when we recognize the rage that lives within us all. Injustice will present itself in a myriad of ways. Tapping into the wisdom that is Tiamat helps us to facilitate positive change.

Be warned though, without grounding/centering/releasing you will find yourself walking in rage. Hence our Soothe the Dragon Bath Tea is a lovely way to soothe her and ourselves.

I visited the briny deep with her as my touchstone so many times over the course of April. Each time, I found myself more at ease. Able to sit with her and listen to what I needed to know. Tiamat is a loving mother and a fierce protector. She demands we do the work to better ourselves, even when doing so may cause us to break and mend over and over.

With Darkest Blessings,

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Featured Image ©Ricardo Esquivel at Pexels