Month: June 2022

Medusa II: She has more to say…

Last month in Dark Goddesses Collective we began to connect to Medusa. It was clear early on that she had so much to say, reveal, and show us. While we love to show ways to connect with the faces of the Goddess, we can not rush the message. Whether it was Mercury retrograde or simply that she had more interesting things to share with us, we were not going to wrap up May with an Anthology when she was clearly not finished speaking.

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The Month of June 2022

Our Theme: Energy in Motion

This month we are looking at energy in motion with an emphasis on experiencing it and effective channeling.

Our Goddess: Medusa

We are still connecting and learning from this Gorgon Goddess and her origins. She wants to show us a deeper magic and how to put these skills to use in our lives. There is so much knowledge she is willing to share but refuses to be limited by something like our idea of ‘time’. Buckle up Witches!

Photo via Pixabay

Some of what we have planned:

  • The Poppet
  • The Gorgon Shield Divination
  • Energy in Motion: Effective Channeling Ritual
  • A Spitfire Corner
  • An update on our Private Network

As the month progresses, other work may present itself. If you need to make another Black Sacred Candle, all of the information can be found here.

Please share your stories with us of working with Medusa. Your understanding of her. Anything that feels like it is helping you to stand stronger in your own sovereignty. We are a community and growing together is incredibly important. Your experience may be the missing piece of another’s journey. Or may inspire them to look at things a different way.

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A candle & a key, With Darkest Gratitude,
Kaycee & Ivy

We are honored and excited to be presenting workshops this year for Mystic South! Go get your tickets and come see us (plus many other AMAZING teachers!).

The Serpent in the Storm

Of Serpents & Storms

Maybe you have noticed the hashtag over at Revelations of a Witch and here at Dark Goddesses Collective or maybe you have not – either way, Of Serpents & Storms is what we are made of.

Logo Courtesy of Morien Wynter

The backbone of it all

I am a HUGE proponent of selfcare, of using the gifts the mothers give us to lead ourselves back to center. There is nothing quite like having a day where it all seems to just fall apart and realizing it’s time to take back control. To pivot, if you will.

This was never more clear than a few months back, when I was having a moment and could NOT bring myself out of the mindset of, what really was, imposter syndrome. Kaycee, being the rock that she is, told me to get a few herbs, run a bath, place those herbs in the water and let them do what they are meant to do.

We all know that herbs in the bath are wonderful, but the cleanup can be a nightmare. So I grabbed a little tulle bag, stuffed it with herbs and tossed it into the water. Within minutes, I was back to myself. I could breathe, I could think and I was free of those thoughts that come to us all sometimes, unbidden. That was probably the moment I realized, there’s something here.

I have decided to create a line of bath products for the stressed out Witch. For the Witches that find themselves in that headspace of “not good enough” (which is utter bullshit anyway). However, we have discussed it and come to the conclusion that we want to be different. OS&S will not be sold online, for now anyway. The only way to get your hands on our products will be in person.

Photo by Ivy Laine. Only a small sample of what we’ve conjured up.

We’re here to help the working Witch take care of themselves, while at the same time doing something we enjoy. The first products will be available as a raffle basket at The Witchy High Tea in Concord, NC on June 5th. There will be other vending events in the future, but to give you an idea of what is being created see a partial list below.

Bath Teas in reusable bags
Bath Teas in biodegradeable paper tea bags
Bath Salts with various herbs for specific purposes in tulle bags
Mojo Bags for Protection, Sleep, etc.
Glass 4oz. Jars of teas, salts, blends with an adorable little spoon and a reusable tulle bag
Mini Altar Tins (which is something I’ve been making for a decade)
BSC with specific purposes in mind
Bath Bombs/Dust
Sugar Scrubs for ritual cleansing

As you can see, we really want Witches to have products geared toward them and the work they do. As we get closer to Samhain, I have ideas for salts and teas to help connect you with your ancestors. We love our community and this is the way we are working to give back. To help guide you through the storms as the serpent sheds her skin. To be born anew.

The Witchy High Tea is approaching fast. Do you have your ticket yet? If not, head on over to the CMPF Fundraising Page

Darkest Blessings,

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