What is Dark Goddesses Collective?

Dark Goddesses Collective is an idea born of a spark in early 2021 by 2 sovereign Witches. The spark
became a roaring inferno as we both wanted to help our community reclaim their sovereignty, heal their
trauma, find their truth on their own path, and reclaim the power of their Goddesses.

To strip away the patriarchal slant that has been placed upon the so called Dark Goddesses. Too many fear what is in the
shadows, yet we know in that darkness true healing, love, and wisdom reside.
DGC is being built in phases. The website and FB page launches are phase 1.

Is it really a collective?

YES! While we have our own ways of practice, our ways aren’t the only ones. We want to hear how you
practice. We want to hear your stories of the Divine and how s/he shows up in your life.

What will you be offering in the future?

We have many things planned and in various stages of implementation. The blog, here at DGC.com, is
where we will be sharing our own practices. We have two very different approaches and each is
incredibly valid. Workshops, classes, courses, gatherings via Zoom and a full-fledged, private community
are all coming over the next several months.

I have a class/workshop/course I’d like to teach. Can I do so through DGC?

In a word, yes. We strongly believe that those who wish to step in as teachers and leaders should be given
every opportunity. We will need to meet to discuss it with you and make an action plan.

This is YOUR community, too. To grow it through other points of view helps us all to be better Witches/Wise
Women/Pagans, or whatever you choose to call yourself.

I want to learn Tarot, herbalism, etc. can you help?

Through the network of Witches we’re going to be building, our hope is that we WILL have practitioners
to teach all of the crafts you wish to learn. We have some of our own courses up our sleeves that we will
be rolling out over time.