All services provided via Zoom
Payment due upon appointment confirmation.

Sessions are non-refundable but can be rescheduled if 24-hour advanced notice is given (*except where
timing/correspondences will not allow).

Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment

MBS is a powerful session centered around presence through breathwork, embodiment, and awareness.
This connection allows one to tune in and turn on to what is needing attention. This is a personalized
and holistic session of self-discovery in which we work together one-on-one.


A spellcrafting session is a one-on-one session of creating a spell, consciously connecting to the
framework, and utilizing correspondences. Incorporating a layered approach, this session gets to the
root of the intention and provides direction on raising the energy for successful workings.

The Spiritual Session

As one of the best sessions to awaken within, The Spiritual Session is a unique roadmap of learning to
intuitively listen, communicate, and connect with our own great work in life through building up a
spiritual practice attuned to self.

The Shadows

A session on transmutation, focus, and energetic shifts through one-on-one truth telling. Reclaiming
truth, finding the patterns, and changing outcomes one session at a time. This session is especially useful
for fear, guilt, shame, or anything keeping one stuck and unable to move forward.

The Coven ~ A Group Experience

Looking for a guided experience with a group of friends? A birthday? An Initiation party? Full Moon Rite?
Get in touch, let’s make it magic!

Important Disclaimer:

All sessions are for educational purposes only. Dark Goddesses Collective, Revelations of a Witch, or any
employee of Dark Goddesses Collective or Revelations of a Witch are not responsible for outcomes.