How to honor the divine

We can sometimes become lost in how to connect to our Divines. Most of the time, just sitting with them strengthens that tether. It takes time to build any relationship and altars are a beautiful way to do so.

Protection Altar/Photo by Author

There are a number of reasons to create altars. The above is one of many protection altars I’ve created over the years. It features some of the dolls I have purchased for my practice from Silvia’s Spirits. Many more have joined the fold since then.

Devotional Altars

As a Witch, many things have gone into my practice over the last 3 decades. There are pieces of music that have shaped me. There are Tarot decks that have helped define my practice. Goddesses that claimed me a long time ago. As such, I have devotional shelves that I use to remind me of my roots. They need not be full on altars, or even shelves. A windowsill is a perfectly acceptable.

Devotional Shelf/Photo by Author

Ritual & Spellwork Altars

During rituals and Spellwork, I use any number of surfaces for my altar. I have used those wooden magnetic boxes to hold everything. I also use small trays or shadowboxes. A picture frame works too. Remember, this is YOUR practice. Only you define it. What we here are DGC show you is merely one way of doing it.

Below is one of the more elaborate altars I have created for a rather large ritual.

Ritual Altar/Photo by Author

Creating an Altar

The only limitation when creating your altar is you. Decided how big or small you wish to go. Whether you want it elaborate or simple. There is no right or wrong, when it comes to altars. Follow your intuition. We have been given the gift of intuition for a reason. If it feels like it’s too much, then scale back. The Divine WANTS you to trust your gifts.

Cerridwen Devotional Altar

Cerridwen Devotional Altar/Image by Author

I love creating altars and devotional altars really help with that connection. I started the month by creating a cave from Air Dry Sculpey. Many of the Goddesses we work with are deep within the cave. For Cerridwen, we must enter the cauldron to travel to the cave.

Then I used our incense blend daily, either by burning it or lighting the Black Sacred Candle. I placed a small bit of the blend on this lovely Raven & Skull dish I have, along with a basic black candle. The sigil is beneath it. I decided that Labradorite was perfect for the work ahead. My lovely sister, Wendy, gave me this heart as a Yule gift and it just felt right.

Each day I have connected with Cerridwen, through sitting before this simple, yet powerful altar. Remember, it’s not so much what is on the altar, but how you connect with what you have placed upon it. Placing it on a tray I am able to move it where I need it to be for the days workings. Putting your heart and soul into the creation, even if not perfect, is how we honor the Divine. Both within and without. They know your intention when you work intentionally with them.

Darkest Blessings,

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Feature image Photo by cottonbro from Pexels