Tiamat Mother Dragon – An Anthology


The primordial essence of Tiamat, based on the timeframe of the stories we have relating to her, occur during the timeframe when patriarchal society was on the rise. The story of Marduk slaying Tiamat as a prime example of the story where the ability to overthrow the power of the feminine was sure to rise one into ‘King’ status. The thing about Tiamat and her lessons is that she is not slain. She simply understood her realm across land, sea, and sky enough to when to sink, swim, or soar. She teaches us the same.

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Sink, Swim, or Soar

Understanding our inner and outer landscape is helpful when working with Tiamat. She is going to bring the challenges to the surface and make you face them head on. Sometimes that requires sinking in or sitting with the various things that come up during this time. The ability to deeply connect and contemplate the lesson being presented can be a key to opening the vault of opportunities that await us.

Sometimes, we must tread water. That is the lesson: learning how to keep our heads above water is about our ability to persevere during our greatest challenges. And she will absolutely bring those up for us because it is a reminder that we too shall not be slain, just transformed.

To soar is about taking the calculated risks that make us slightly uncomfortable. This is not about fearlessness, it is teaching us to be fearsome. To be emboldened and claim what is rightfully ours. To learn to trust ourselves and our ability to rise to the occasion, children with the blood of dragons in their veins.

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A Call To Tiamat

I call to you Tiamat
Primordial Dragon of Life Giving Waters
She who is fierce and nurturing
Steady upon the waves and the wind
Where we may roam with the wings you gave us
With the fire found in the eyes and hearts of all Witches
Tiamat, I call to you
Goddess of the Sea
I seek upon your wings
The lessons just for me


Correspondences for Tiamat are a personal journey. I do have some to get you started.

Places: The Ocean, The Milky Way
Stones: Dragons Blood Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Amazonite, Moldavite, Coral, and Shells
Colors: Blue, Green
Creatures: Dragons
Resin: Dragons Blood Resin
Other: Sand, Dirt, Salt Water

My Own Experience with Tiamat, Primordial Mother

A lot of the work I did with Tiamat was done while I was submerged in water. Bath teas and Bath Salts helped to heighten my experiences. She will lead you where you need to go. Even if, at times, it’s frightening. The first time I worked with her, surrounded by water, it really was an initiation. I am used to being surrounded by fire or in meadows. Tiamat though, she is different in many ways, so being surrounded by deep water was new to me.

At first, I desperately tried to swim for the surface. I could sense her amusement as she reminded me that I was safe. It was not done with even a hint of malice. She knew I needed a deep dive to shed myself of situations and ways of being to reach closer to wholeness. Once I had calmed down, she began to speak. Sharing with me the deep wisdom that only the Primordial Goddesses have to bestow. They have watched the world from the beginning. The cycles repeat more often than we can comprehend.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

A good example of that, is the birth/death/rebirth cycle. In order to grow into what we are meant to become, we shed our skin many times over the course of our journey. She reminds us that our rage is valid. Not only is it valid, it is necessary. Change only comes when we recognize the rage that lives within us all. Injustice will present itself in a myriad of ways. Tapping into the wisdom that is Tiamat helps us to facilitate positive change.

Be warned though, without grounding/centering/releasing you will find yourself walking in rage. Hence our Soothe the Dragon Bath Tea is a lovely way to soothe her and ourselves.

I visited the briny deep with her as my touchstone so many times over the course of April. Each time, I found myself more at ease. Able to sit with her and listen to what I needed to know. Tiamat is a loving mother and a fierce protector. She demands we do the work to better ourselves, even when doing so may cause us to break and mend over and over.

A Candle & A Key, With Darkest Blessings,
Kaycee & Ivy

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Eris: An Anthology to Great Storms

Eris, A Great Storm Goddess

She asked me:

How long have I been blamed for their corrupt and poor choices?

How long have they blamed me to glorify their bad decisions?

The Goddess of Storms and Strife is sipping the fruit of life that she will tear from them when they refuse to listen…

As we all are: She is sick of their shit.

Photo by Nikolas Noonan via Unsplash

As a Daughter Of Nyx, the Night, she has been blamed for the storms of men, but sitting with this great Goddess has proven that ‘storm bringer’ is not her purpose. She comes during storms, but she is not the bringer of them, we do that well enough. It is she, in fact, that in the darkest of storms, is there to guide us to the path that we cannot see. She helps us with both hands, to rise above the storms, to force us to climb higher. It is she that creates our ability to rise with great strength and perseverance until we learn to withstand any storm.

Eris on an Attic plate, ca. 575–525 BC, Found on Wikipedia

In Alliance with Humanity

Eris is present with the great storms that face humanity. She has watched the impending storms grow larger, but she waits for us and the storm. Eris seeks to unite us when we are facing the dark and facing great destruction. She finds a way to bring about our strength in numbers and in service to each other. We each begin to grow individually, but we also grow together in a time meant to be divisive.

Photo via Pixabay

Until she doesn’t. She is willing to take the blame and let us learn the hard way for she knows that sometimes that is the only way to learn. After destruction comes growth, she knows the cycle well. She will push this cycle forward as required, even in the midst of chaos she will bring about creation of something new for us all.


  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Mars, Pluto
  • Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio
  • Number: 1, 9
  • Tarot: Tower
  • Stone: Quartz, Onyx, Red Jasper (although to really sink into the relationship, fluorite is amazing)
  • Moon Phase: Dark Moon
  • Lineage: Mother: Nyx
  • Fruit: Golden Apple

Facing the Storm Within

Building a relationship with Eris has been a test of wills. She is absolute chaos. However, that chaos is not just for the sake of it. It is a lesson in determination.

A year ago, the personal storm blew in. It has ebbed and flowed since then. There have been cord cuttings, banishings, binding and each of them has me standing a bit taller. There have even been tandem workings, that I feel finally severed a hold I no longer wanted. Some people don’t want to let go, even when the rift was of their making. As a Witch, I must heal myself before I can help others to heal.

Photo Via Pexels

Then, we must look further back. We are always a work in progress. I will be the first to admit that people have done some really shitty things to me and I allowed it to happen. When it comes to storms, we are the Captain of our own ship. We can turn into the chaos of raging seas, or we can turn away to safety.

The thing about that is the longer we avoid the chaos and storms, the longer it takes us to step into our own power. It is through Eris that I finally learned I have to stand in the midst of the churning waters and find my way through.

There are people I adore, who would never dream of bringing harm to me. We are bonded through more than this life. Yet we all expect for their to be some ulterior motive. That’s unfair. Not only to the people in our lives that we have chosen as family, but to ourselves. When we stand in truth, we see that clearly.

Do not expect that just because someone else was a shitty friend, that the people who stand strong beside you are the same. I have always expected to be tossed aside, it has happened so many times in the past. Eris reminded me that speaking when I feel certain ways eliminates the doubt and the fear. Which is exactly what I did. In the end, I discovered it was all unfounded.

Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay

When I am told I am loved, taking it at face value has quieted the storm. There is a certain power in being the one who wields the storms and chaos. It allows us to remove from our lives those who are not meant to be part of our story. It also gives us the resolve to stand in solidarity with those who are. To defend and protect ourselves and those we love.

The relationship I have built with Eris has given me the choice to either stand firmly rooted in the here and now. Or to reach for the upper world to draw upon the wisdom I already possess. She will, however, make you work hard to find a way through.

Going around the storm, once you connect with her, isn’t an option. The reward though makes it worth the late nights of pushing through. Knowledge, much like a dagger, when placed into capable hands, can bring forces that work against you to their knees. Treading carefully, as you are shown the wonders of the universe, is a wise choice.

A Candle & A Key with Darkest Blessings
Kaycee & Ivy

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