The Gorgon Shield Divination

Medusa, the Gorgon Goddess, can bring about life and death, health and illness. Connecting to her essence offers a shield, but a different kind of shield.

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Our Shield

We all have a shield, whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes the use of a shield is no longer about physical life or death. Sometimes it becomes the crutch we use in self-preservation or preventing anything from happening at all.

We have to ask ourselves:

  • Is this really living?
  • Am I using my shield in a way that lets nothing in at all?
  • Am I unable to receive, even the good things?

Let us dive in to the shield she offers and receive the messages she has for us.

Image via Pixabay

Choosing Your Set

While this divination spread uses oracle cards, tarot or runes could be substituted. Whatever methodology you choose, I recommend choosing the deck or set based upon clarity. To be clear about this, we want the deck or set that provides information we can connect with even when we DO NOT LIKE IT. 

I call this my ‘asshole’ deck. I may roll my eyes, but the truth is that it has yet to steer me wrong even when I want it to be gentle with the message.

The Gorgon Shield

Spread and Photo created by Kaycee Reeves

The Questions 

  1. What do I fear right now?
  2. What should I be focused on or concerned with instead?
  3. What will help release fear?
  4. Where is my power?
  5. What will help me grow my personal power?
  6. What is the Medicine of Medusa’s Gorgon Shield for me?

After the Message

Once you have gotten your massages, it is helpful to connect with the energy of the message in its entirety once you have connected with each card. This will assist in determining what changes could be implemented to allow a greater sense of connection to self and others whereby we can receive more from this life instead of the narrative that others would have us believe. Your narrative, story, and truth is yours.

A Candle & A Key, With Darkest Blessings,

Kaycee & Ivy

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Divining with Tiamat

This month has been especially challenging for many of us and we knew it would be. The Primordial Goddess Tiamat has been present within Dark Goddesses Collective and the essence of her waves have been washing over us. While we have created our Dragon Amulet as a way to connect to her powerful ability to rise up and meet the challenges we face, what about our ability to receive her messages meant just for us?

Photo by Kaycee Reeves


Cleromancy is a sacred divinatory art. Many cast lots or throw the bones, revealing a language of symbols within the thrower that must be translated. Creating your own cleromancy set is the easiest way to get into this state of connectedness. I was able to look around my home and find small items that held meaning for me. After cleansing and blessing my sacred objects, they began their lives together inside of a pouch filled with protective and sacred herbs.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

The Mat

Many folks prefer to have a purchased mat with symbols or words on them. These can be nice to use for other forms of divination too, such as pendulum work. However, we can all make our own. We can take dark cloth, a dark sheet of paper, or even a mousepad and turn it into a mat for divinatory purposes. I take ash and create symbols that honor the four directions and then listen within for what is next to go on the mat.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Creating the Space

Lighting your Black Sacred Candle is the perfect way to instantly create a sacred circle while also calling in Tiamat, the Goddess from whom we wish to receive messages. Putting on your Dragon Amulet will only lend additional power to the reading as well. Doing the dragon’s breath as you call in Tiamat for her messages, using the exhales over your set of objects can lend additional energetic force right before you gently toss your objects onto your mat.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Let Intuition Guide You

Reading the language of symbols can be challenging. It requires a translation or understanding of what each of the directions defines for you. As such, let your intuition be the guide. Add in the meaning behind any other symbolism you may have drawn and then observe where each piece of your cleromancy set has landed (some of the pieces may have not landed on the mat at all!). Just observe for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Sink down and in. Now read from the framework of what the piece means to you:

  • Where did it land?
  • Is it on an axis of your directions?
  • Is the piece turned a certain direction, maybe upside down?
  • Is it between North and East?
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Translation Example

As an example, in the picture above, there are multiple pieces that did not land on the mat. I put them back in the pouch. For me, they are not going to be a part of the message that Tiamat has for me currently.

The coin at the top represents an affirmative for me in my thoughts on travel, especially the travel I long for. The Butterfly is backwards and is a reminder to stay grounded in my friendships, but also means that I need to reach out specifically to one person. The curiousness of the items at the center are where she draws my focus. It says that is where my focus needs to be, there are actually 2 keys there (one just doesn’t look like a ‘key’) but also a serpent and spider that are touching. There are deep challenges that I am meeting at the center, and they are a threshold she is helping me cross.

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A Candle & A Key,


Want to see us in person? We are honored, inspired, and full of gratitude in announcing our workshop acceptance at Mystic South this year! Come see us!

Feature Image Credit: Kaycee Reeves