Nasty Woman, Anthology to Lilith

Nasty Woman: Anthology to Lilith

Immersed in a tub of water, filled with the rich oils and herbs chosen for my ritual of self-love, I heard her. Lilith, a voice rich and raspy, telling me this:

In the garden that is your life, the serpent offers the knowledge from which you can never unknow. You cannot play ignorant. Nor can you remain chained to the narrative or structure where the feminine is defined by the masculine. Your purpose, your pleasure, your passion, and your magic are written in blood that is your own. Take the apple. Be the nasty woman.

Photo by Engin_Akyurt via Pexels

It is the same message I believe she gave to Eve, but like Eve, many of us can be confused on what to do with the knowledge once the rose-colored glasses are removed. It is easier to continue the current path. It is easier to not make waves. It is easier to feign subservience and work our magic behind the scenes. I am going to eat the whole apple though, let my own serpent rise, part the Red Sea that rebirthed me, and align with those ready to make waves with me. It was never an option when handed me the apple. Our Garden deserves more.


ElementAll of them have a place, she is of all of them
Planet/AstrologyLilith Asteroid (1811), Black Moon Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, and Stellar Lilith (aka: Algol, The Demon’s Eye, from Talmud)
AnimalSerpent, Screech Owl
StoneBlack, Orange, or Red stones (Red Jasper, Obsidian, Carnelian)
PlantsMugwort, Dragon’s Blood
WorldMiddle World, Underworld
ColorsRed, black

The Whore of Babylon

The Whore of Babylon is an amazing construct, the one who can take the blame for being in her power of creation through her own sacred sexuality, sensuality, and eroticism. Historically, indiscretions were blamed on the likes of Lilith or The Whore of Babylon (Ishtar/Innana who are also tied to or conflated with Lilith), the scapegoat for their own ‘sins’ or deviant natures. Deborah Grenn-Scott, in Lilith’s Fire: Reclaiming our Sacred Lifeforce (2000) had an amazing take on “sin” as an “insidious social construct” that uses a variety of techniques related to guilt and shame. Perhaps this is why the narrative to demonize women became so powerful as a mechanism to offload shame and guilt? It most certainly became an acceptable action in society instead of accountability.


In the Thoth deck, the Whore of Babylon is featured on card 11 created by Lady Frieda Harris. This card is titled Lust but is also the card known as Strength within other decks. I encourage everyone to research and sit with this card (although I must be transparent in my total distaste for Crowley, the lesson and underlying education is worth it). Is it about power? Yes. Is it about love? Yes. Maybe not in the sense of intimate love, but yes that too. And what else do we know that is also about power and love? Creation, that of Eros. We all hold Eros, but we have been shamed and guilted into disconnecting from it unless the narrative fits the expectation of society and the view of good or right of those in power.

The Holy Grail that is held by The Whore of Babylon in this card is not a confession and proof of her transgressions as some would love us to believe.

It is her reclamation of the power that she holds rightly, justly, and without shame (and of course that powerful narrative would leave the church and society clutching their pearls to know that the power, domination, and oppression tactics are slowly being deconstructed by none other than the Dark Goddesses themselves).

Our Month with Lilith, or, What she taught us about ourselves

Much of what we did this month allowed us to step into our Sovereignty in big ways. I sat with sacred rage, deep sorrow at the oppression that so many are turning a blind eye to. On the other side of that though, I sat with my own needs and desires. We have collectively looked at our sacred sexuality and hopefully learned about ourselves in monumental ways.

Just because our Lilith focus month is over does not mean you shouldn’t revisit those moments again and again. Just as the seasons change, so too, do we. What is true of me today, in where I am with what I need, may change again tomorrow, or in a week.

We as humans, and as women, grow and adapt on a nearly constant basis. Being able to recognize that is a huge leap forward in our understanding of self.

Lilith’s persistence in the wisdom she brings can be intense. When she brings it, don’t ignore it. Her intensity will only ramp up if you do so. She is the original woman and she will take you to task if she feels you are not acting in your own self interest.

We helped you to open that door to change. It is up to you if or when you step through it. What we provide is the tools. Only as an individual can you decide to use them to heal yourself. You are all strong, sovereign, strategic. Each of you possesses the ability to discern who belongs in your life and who doesn’t. If they bring you stress, is it worth it to keep trying to mold yourself to their expectations?

I have learned…it is not. We deserve happiness, joy, and to be fulfilled in every facet of our lives.

A Candle & A Key with Darkest Blessings,
Kaycee & Ivy

All of our work with Lilith can be found here

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Unleashing Passion

Originally I had planned to use the title “Fanning the Flames”, but Lilith was adamant that we didn’t need to fan the flames. We need to unleash our flames in whatever way they are needed, a widespread culmination of flames that align us all. It is the ownership of self, of our ‘yes’ AND our ‘no’. What sets you on fire? What makes you batshit passionate? Are you ready to acknowledge and own it?

Lilith accepts your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’, she will meet you where you are for the spark you need.

It is by design that our wisdom feels blocked, Lilith can help ~ Photo via Pixabay

Force to Form in Magic

The spark required to unleash our passion is found in our own Lilith essence. If you have not experienced that essence enough to name it as such, I highly recommend reviewing Body Sovereign with Lilith and taking part in A Ritual of Self-Love. What we do with that essence, how it manifests, is where the differences are.

It is where force becomes form in the physical world.

The process is magic, and it is our magic.

What Lilith is bringing forward, as we come forward with our ‘yes’, is how we can reconnect to the embodiment of our essence of desire in every way (without the villainization, repression, suppression, or oppression that has historically been used as a strategy of societal control). When we unleash this passion, we begin to own, re-member, and create our own true embodiment of a very sacred fire.

Photo by Luis Fernandes via Pexels

What is Your Lilith Form?

The form of our passion is sometimes surprising, but every form is sacred. Mine, even when I shoved her down and hid her from everyone, is deeply connected to the power of knowledge and our words. Others are connected to the sacred language of plants and stones. Others still are connected to the physical form of the body and its sacredness through movement. Think about other ways people engage their desire, passion, and wisdom ~ paint, clay, music, glass, beadwork, sex, cooking, burlesque, singing, drumming.

What does all of this have in common?

A human channeling force into form. An ability to connect to the world through it. An ability to allow that passion out into the world to connect with other humans. We can use it and align in ways that allow us all to be with (and teach) our flavors of magic. Her message is in how we can unleash it together, causing reverberations, deep wavelengths, energy, and the fire of creation to challenge the current state of the world in which we live.

Photo via Pixabay

Calling Your Lilith Forward

What happens if we don’t know what our Lilith essence is or what form it would take? This is not uncommon! Call her forward with red.

In contemplating how to teach others the power of using color to bring their Lilith forward, Lilith knew who I needed to connect with that could use their power to teach us all. Juniper Persephone is one badass Glamour Witch, Makeup Artist, and Writer. Who better to teach than someone who channels passion in this way! It is with great pleasure and immense gratitude that I introduce this work by Juniper Persephone:

Photo by Juniper Persephone

“I wanted to focus on creating a look that expressed an intensely sovereign type of feminine energy that resonates at our deepest core and stretches back to the earliest beginnings of ancestral memory. Lilith speaks to me of necessary rebellion and being true to oneself through your actions and choices.

Red is a color of passion, eroticism, danger and fear. Red connects us with the powers of life and death through its connection to blood and calls on the energy of fire, its properties of creation and destruction. When we wear the color red with intention, either in our wardrobes or on our faces, we are calling upon those energies, to merge with and be moved by them.

Photo by Juniper Persephone

My approach to glamour magic and makeup artistry is that makeup is a tool for setting intentions, drawing energies into our lives, invoking our different selves and aspects of our personality to influence the way others see and experience us. Maybe even more importantly, we have the power to influence the ways we see and experience ourselves.

If Lilith were here in the flesh, I believe she would wear whatever she wanted in the moment, fashionable or not and she would break all the rules of makeup and beauty. She reminds me that it is okay to be noticed, to be feared, and to live with passion from within that other don’t always understand.”

Photo by Juniper Persephone

Want to connect with Juniper Persephone? Here are the details:

A Necessary Rebellion

In conclusion, unleashing our passion is an act of rebellion that is necessary for all of us. Passion, one of the central pillars of Dark Goddesses Collective, can impact change at various levels individually (creating awareness surrounding our thoughts, feelings, and actions) but also at varying degrees within the ecology of the community. It allows us to connect with others, to inform decisions and goals, and inspire us forward in ways that promote authenticity and reduce shame, invalidation, and fear. Lilith whispers as I sink into the Red Sea, for she knows, this is the magic of setting ourselves free.

A Candle & A Key,


Additional Resources:

Johnson, R. (2009). Oppression embodied: The intersecting dimensions of trauma, oppression, and somatic psychology. The USA Body Psychotherapy Journal8(1).

Featured Image Credit: mododeolhar via pexels

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A Ritual of Self-Love

When it comes to working with Lilith, she can be…demanding. Even this is putting it lightly. This is the only warning you will get ahead of this ritual.

I knew going into this month she was going to push me past my comfort zone. Which is saying something. Very little, after 3 decades a Witch, makes me squirm.

Working the ritual. What you need:

Your BSC for the month
Lilith incense we created for the BSC
Our Mantra to Lilith found on the DGC FB page
A bath oil/tea/flowers that makes you feel sensual and sexy. More about that below if you’re stuck for what to use
At least 2 candles (one red, one black. Though 2 of each is better)
Finely ground Dragon’s Blood Resin (optional)
Some music
An hour of time just for you

The process:

To do this ritual, which is really one of self-love, you need an hour of alone time. I know it can seem almost impossible, given commitments to kids, husbands/wives/partners, pets, household, and the list goes on. We can make excuses for why we can’t do these things. Yet, to fully claim our sovereignty, we must make sacrifices. If you have to do this at midnight, then do so.

Start by lighting your BSC to Lilith. If you have a bit of Dragon’s Blood Resin, make a paste from it using a drop of moon blessed water.

Light a bit of incense from our monthly blend. Dip your finger in your Resin paste and draw a line from your forehead down to the tip of your nose. Continue on from the lower lip to chin.

Use the Mantra, written by Kaycee. Repeat it as many times as necessary until your inhibitions fade. This ritual is about connecting with your body and what she needs.

If you have been seated to this point, stand. Put on a song or two that makes you feel sensual, desirable to yourself. The only rule for this ritual is that it is about you & Lilith, in her guise of the Whore of Babylon. Guess what? That isn’t something to make you feel bad, negative, ashamed or embarrassed. Those feelings are the patriarchy speaking. Push through it.

Dance to the music. Sway your hips. Just fucking move. Find that rhythm in that space.

If you are able to, undress. Otherwise, extinguish your BSC and move into your bathing sanctuary to do so. Place your candles either on the bathroom counter and light them. Or if you are able, at the 4 corners of your bath tub. Adjust accordingly if you only have a shower or can’t get into the tub.

As you fill the tub, add the bath oil/tea/flowers to the water. I generally start with a base oil and add any of the following:
Vanilla, Jasmine, Rose, Hibiscus, Violet
Add them all if you’d like. Though I can’t guarantee what it will smell like in the end.

If you are able to, while the water is filling, lower the lights. I love bathing in almost complete darkness with a small string of LED lights for ambiance (and so I don’t kill myself when I step out).

If you were unable to completely undress before, do so now. From this moment, it is you, only you, and the wisdom of Lilith. Allow your mind to wander. Using your hands to push the water up over your body. Your hands connecting with skin.

What brings pleasure to you?
How does it feel when you touch there?
What about with more pressure? Less?
Find the spaces between that make your toes curl.
That has you vocalizing without conscious thought. It just happens.

As you explore her (meaning yourself), find the places where you are completely lost. Thought doesn’t come. It’s just you & the embodiment of pleasure, nothing more. Those noises? You know the ones. They are perfectly normal. Do not try to silence them.

Stay in that place for as long as you need to. Don’t rush yourself. Also know if it brings you pleasure, there is NOTHING wrong with it.

This is about a trifecta of knowing yourself, your pleasure, and beginning to learn exactly what you need. This is how we find that space I call Divine Bliss. If you’ve never experienced a true orgasm, true release, you’re in for a surprise.

It is in being open and honest with ourselves that we find this place that I can hardly describe. But it has, more than once, had me in a space of wave after wave for hours. Yes, it IS possible. Not every time, because none of us would ever leave there.

Once you feel that you are satiated, emerge from your sacred time of self. Having a lotion, body oil, etc. that helps you feel that self-love can make a huge difference here. If it IS bedtime, a bit of lavender & vanilla is a beautiful combination to use. Make sure to wash the resin from your face, as well.

A brand new pair of Pjs, or your favorite ones, clean sheets, and that relaxed place will make for the best sleep of your life. Blow out your candles before heading to the bedroom, please.

Working through what you’ve learned.

Having a dream journal, to record anything that sticks out in your dreams will help with processing. Take a bit of time over the next several days to sit with your experience.

Next, comes an incredibly important part to this whole process. Communication. We often keep our wants and desires to ourselves. Letting our partners “take the lead”. We aren’t doing that anymore, at least, not all the time.

Being a sovereign being is about claiming those things that are ours. The things we want in our lives. You can keep your discoveries to yourself if that’s what you choose to do. However, sharing what you’ve learned about yourself can be an act of intimacy, too.

Lilith is going to nudge you forward. She is going to keep reminding you that your pleasure is just as important as your partners. I know women who have faked it every single time. Do you know what takes less effort? Switching off the brain and letting go. Go claim what is rightfully yours, Witch!

Darkest Blessings,

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Body Sovereign with Lilith

We are experiencing the aftermath of an amazing full moon and heading towards the dark moon. Calling in Lilith during this time proved to be a reckoning. It was a dramatic shift in accountability to myself paired with the moon medicine designed to shine a light on the dark places and spaces where I have forced my true sensual nature to hide. Lilith brought with her a message on body sovereignty that I know I needed (even if I wasn’t fully ready to hear it). As I felt the rush of anger and anguish, the reality of her message took over:

You wish to wage a war on those who are taking away body autonomy, as you should…but when are you going to wage war with the same passion over the disconnect between you and your own body? When are you going to choose not just autonomy but full sovereignty? You want others to give you a freedom of choice when you won’t do the same for yourself…you need to go to the Red Sea and release yourself from the bindings you have allowed to stay in place and forced into the dark.

Photo by Yana Moroz via Pexels

The Rising Rage

In true Lilith nature, I was caught between full on excitement, denial, and angry. This is that rising rage we might feel when we are called out: we know there is something there that must be investigated but it causes such cognitive dissonance. We want to deny it because we don’t want to believe it to be true about ourselves, but we know that once we examine it and find it to be true that the real work begins.

As a side note (in case anyone was wondering), Lilith doesn’t care how many times you roll your eyes.  And to the person who is supposed to read this (eyes like amber going through the plum color hair phase – her expression, not mine) loosen your grip on maintaining the level-headed passion or you will not be able to create through the bars of a prison you are locking yourself behind.

Photo via Pixabay

Repression & Suppression

I began to dive deep into this idea of what I had forced into the dark when it comes to body sovereignty. Surprisingly, I found both suppression and repression in those dark spaces. Suppression is an act of consciously burying or inhibiting an impulse I might have, whether it is because I believe it to be inappropriate/undesirable response to the moment I am in or trying to build my resolve for habit breaking purposes.

It is deliberate.

Repression not so much! Repression is a somewhat unconscious process of dismembering key pieces of information, about myself or moments in time. It made me painfully aware of how hiding and dismembering these pieces of myself, regardless of guilt, shame, or disgust that I may feel or had felt about them at one time, are the pieces that have left me feeling hollow and disconnected. A type of emptiness/melancholy that does not wholly fit or make sense to someone outside looking in.

Why is this even important to know?

It allows curiosity to grow in the place of denial. 

Photo via Pixabay

When Fire Rises

Lilith turns the heat up and demands the fire to rise to within us. She forces us to re-member where we have dismembered. To ask the questions. The main one being “Why?”. When we ask ourselves why we have those pieces of ourselves hidden away.

  • Why might we feel shameful?
  • Why might we feel guilty?
  • Why do we care about those outside looking in?
  • Why are we not connecting to our desires, our wants, or our needs?

It is an incredible rising fire meeting the air of consciousness from the root of knowingness. It’s painful and it’s glorious. At the same time. It transforms us entirely if we let it and it allows us to re-member within the body with full acceptance. Fully sovereign.

Re-Membering from the Root

Many times, there is an entire disconnect from our bodies and we struggle with getting back in it. We know we have various body parts, but we don’t necessarily feel them. For example, there may be times that we don’t recognize we are cold, that we are thirsty, that we are hungry, or that we are under duress (especially if this is a common state of being – I see you). There are a few poses to try for 5 minutes a day that help to open our root space. Paired with deep breaths, we may be able to better direct our focus toward that space and sensations of the body.

Photo via Pexels ~ This pose is helpful to start with, it can be done sitting with a focus on the breath, picturing the breath reaching the place where your bottom meets the chair, floor, or bed. The stretch we may feel in the root space is a clearing of energy, as it opens, it allows energy to pass through. See if you can begin to feel other parts of your body while you sit in this pose for a moment.

Photo by Lucas Pezeta via Pexels ~ This pose is a variation of our previous pose. It is a little more challenging and I use a chair in front of me for support, but again, just breathing and feeling into my body a little more.

Photo via Pixabay ~ This pose is magic if you are able to get on all fours. Place your big toes touching and then slide your knees out while bringing your bottom back towards your feet, then stretch your arms out in front of you if possible. Focus on the breath for a moment and see what sensations you feel within in your body. Allow your intuition to take over for a moment. What I love about that word, intuition, is that it includes “in-to-it”, so I encourage you to do that!

Sacred Words

Perhaps the greatest sovereignty we must own is our pleasure. When you hear or think of these words, I want you to notice the feelings and thoughts that come up for you:

  • Sensual
  • Erotic
  • Pleasure
Photo by Monnivhoir Aymar Kouamé via Pexels

Did you feel shame or guilt or like you shouldn’t be thinking of things related to those words? I know for a very long time that I did feel like I was going on the naughty list because I correlated those words to sex and somehow sex was not meant for me to enjoy. The thing is, those words and the word ‘sex’ or the act itself can partner up, but they are not the only correlation. The correlation is, however, the basis for how we create, for releasing our creativity into the world, and yes, our sacred sexuality is a part of it. And why would a society want to repress those things into our psyche as ‘shameful’? The only thing I can think of is that it makes us powerful when we accept that such magic is ours to hold, and they cannot take it from us, so instead they villainize it with hopes that it becomes repressed.

Lilith told them to get lost, she does what the f*ck she wants. 

Photo via Pixabay

Sensual, Erotic, & Pleasure

Now I think of the word ‘sensual’ as the state of being with my senses or utilizing the senses I have to be deeply in a moment with self. Body oils? Bath teas? A foot rub for myself while I am in the first pose of this article? All sensual things. All perfect. We get back in touch with our senses in a way that will light us up and create connections that we have lost in ourselves. When Lilith told me to go release the bindings holding me back, it made perfect sense as to why she would tell me so. Why autonomy is important today versus sovereignty is not lost on me, it is that same power trying to repress us as those who created the myth of Lilith being Evil; but it is going to take a force larger than us all to overtake it and fight back. It will take this power of connection and creation to become sovereign.


Go do some research on ‘erotic’ and ‘Eros’, in fact I highly recommend a book by Deborah Grenn-Scott called Lilith’s Fire: Reclaiming our Sacred Lifeforce. There is this paradigm of love and power and the sacredness of who we are in relation to it within ourselves.

Photo by Kaone Makoko via Pexels


Our pleasure and body connectedness have long been this giant chasm that we have been warned against navigating. Our pleasure, in the deepest sense of fulfillment and passion, is something that becomes more apparent and focused the more we tap into it. Looking for purpose, passion, and magic? Looking for ways to tap into it? Start here. What brings you pleasure? Is it writing? Is it working with clay? Is it mixing paint colors? Is it harvesting from your garden? Is it learning and reading? Is it touch? Is it deep conversation? Is it sex? Is it all of those things? Map out your pleasures in a word map and see how you can expand them into an orgasmic platter of pleasure meant for you.  Here is the most important part of that exercise: pay attention to the ideas and thoughts that open up for you. Write them down. Create a record of it. You are not just full of magic, you are also a scientist of yourself. Create the records.

Photo via Pixabay

The Platter of Pleasure

While I have touched on numerous ways to reconnect to the body and to words that have created historically powerful revulsions of our selves by design, I removed (on purpose) the attachment to sex or orgasm. There are two reasons: getting back into our bodies is hard enough without that component that causes distress in some of us, and also because the magic of touch and play through self – orgasm is a very personal ritual that is due its own space. I encourage this play to connect to self. I believe it creates more sovereignty than we are aware of, but it is about creation and creativity, not just procreation. It is Sacred. But for today, let’s just get reacquainted with our bodies.

A Candle & A Key,


More Resources:

Boag, S. (2010). Repression, suppression, and conscious awareness. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 27(2), 164–181.

Grenn-Scott, D. (2000). Lilith’s fire: Reclaiming our sacred lifeforce. Universal Publishers.

Laubender, C. (2019). Empty Space: Creativity, Femininity, Reparation, Justice. Free Associations: Psychoanalysis and Culture, Media, Groups, Politics.

Bloodline of Wisdom Rising

This month we are connecting with Lilith, a multifaceted ‘first’ force of dark feminine wisdom. The Black Sacred Candle this month is powerful, however the power is not because we call to her and not because it is a beacon to call more of her energy in. It is powerful because it causes the dark and delicious bloodline of her ‘first’ force to rise within us all as it is (not as we wish it to be). Buckle up, we are going all in!

Never created a Black Sacred Candle? We have you covered! Learn how in this free three-part series.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Supplies & Ingredients

Photo by Kaycee Reeves


  • Take a piece of aluminum foil (large enough to wrap your candle in) and place it on your workspace.
  • Take a piece of non-stick parchment paper (about the same size as your aluminum foil) and place it on top of the aluminum foil. Trick: Fold the edges of the aluminum foil over the top of the edges of the parchment paper to keep it from rolling!
  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
  • Go back to your candle and draw the Lilith Sigil on your candle in a way that speaks to you, place your candle on top of the parchment paper.
  • Grab your mixing bowl, mixing utensil, Lilith Incense, Olive oil (or personal power oil), and Patchouli Essential oil. Add ingredients to mixing bowl and mix with utensil in a way that creates a kind of paste/mix.
  • Anoint your candle with your chosen oil.
Photo by Kaycee Reeves
  • Lightly coat your candle with The Lilith Incense mix from your mixing bowl from the bottom to the top. Caution: Please make sure there are no large chunks of plant material as these can be dangerous or ‘pop’ during candle burning. As always, please abide by all fire safety rules.
  • Wrap your candle in the aluminum foil, and place in the oven.
  • DO NOT LEAVE THE KITCHEN (lesson learned the hard way), turn your candle every 2 minutes (this took me about 12 minutes total) and remove from oven. Let it cool for 5 minutes and unwrap.
  • Pour salt into your candle holder and then place your completed Black Sacred Candle within it.
  • Light the candle and speak the following:

Blood of her blood

Bones of her bones

Of rage and ecstasy

To Lilith I moan

Photos by Kaycee Reeves

Enjoy your magic this month with Lilith by lighting your candle a few minutes each day!

A Candle & A Key, With Darkest Blessings,

Kaycee & Ivy

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Sigil for connecting with and working with Lilith

Sigil for Lilith

Every time I work with a Goddess to craft a sigil, I never know what’s going to come of it. I tend to have a vague idea of what I wish to do. It is they who guide the process though. Lilith is no different. She has a lot to say and we so much work to do!

Image by J Key from Pixabay

The Sigil

I have spent some time over the last several days connecting with Lilith. Each time I would attempt to pull that sigil from the aether. Each time she told me, “Not yet”. I knew that in due time, it would come. There is a web of understanding that we must weave before we’re shown the way. There are pieces and parts that swirl in the dream world that eventually come together.

In trancework this morning, it came. A testament to the knowledge we must not rush the process. While it is “simple” it really isn’t. Each of us will see something different. As it is meant to be. Use this sigil to connect with her. To strengthen your work. Everything we are doing this month is a piece of a puzzle. Which you will see soon!

Lilith Sigil created by Divine Guidance to the author

All of these pieces will come together in a beautiful working toward our body Sovereignty. She has awakened me fully. I am ready for what is to come. For the work that has come thus far for July, you can find it here.

Darkest Blessings,

Featured Image Image by Ruth Archer from Pixabay

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Lilith’s Fiery Darkness Incense

From the many stories, myths, and historical documentation such as the Alphabet of ben Sira or many books by Raphael Patai detailing out the vast base of knowledge and history surrounding Lilith, there is one thing I know to be true for myself:

It easier to demonize a woman than it is to let her hold her own power, so it must be stripped from her and her daughters.

That is where we are. It is where we have been. We have been unable to grasp fully our divinity, our connection to it with our body, our ability to hold steady the polarity of creation and destruction that is our birthright, and always seeking where that power and connection is hiding. Where is that wisdom located within us and how do we harness it?

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Lilith’s Fiery Darkness Incense

Getting connected with Lilith is a great way to start reconnecting and finding that wisdom, shine a light on it, reactivate it and reclaim it. Many of the correspondences used are meant to be red, a root chakra color, the life blood, and full of the fire of creation. The others help us connect with the wilderness that can be air, our thoughts and ability to connect to the liminal spaces. We can get into the space of the dark, where wisdom resides, and pull it back into consciousness.


  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Mugwort
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Benzoin
  • Sage
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Additional information:

I used dried and powdered herbs, plus resins. I don’t measure, I allowed her to tell me when to stop. She wanted less Cayenne and more Cinnamon while I was making it. It felt as if she wanted me to ease into this and I obliged. It smells amazing! I made quite a bit, as I know this will be going on the Black Sacred Candle this month to draw her energy into the workings.


  • Spend a bit of time with each ingredient.
    • Research them, feel into them, and tell them the purpose that you are using them for.
  • Add each ingredient into your mortar and pestle, leaving Sage for last. She said so and again, I did it anyway (and later it made sense ~ sit with it, let it come to you).
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

So tonight, while others are celebrating a country of ‘freedom’ with fireworks, a country that has chipped away at freedoms like my own body autonomy just days ago: I reclaim it by lighting this incense to myself and connecting with the power of Lilith. And know this: in the fiery darkness is where I will find and reclaim the power I hold that cannot be tamed. No, in fact, this month, she requires it roars forward in every woman. Go get it!

A Candle & A Key,


Dark Goddesses Collective is an upcoming community of Sovereigns being built on a private network to do the deeper work. 

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Lilith, Whore of Babylon, or Beacon of sovereignty?

Lilith – Whore of Babylon or Beacon of Sovereignty?

Here at Dark Goddesses Collective, we believe everything is divine timing. Sometimes, a Goddess seeks to be featured in a given month and we just roll with it. The reasons become clear as the months move along. We set our monthly Goddess/theme in December and, while some months don’t go to plan, others do. Which brings us to July and what June wrought upon us.

Chaos. Women’s reproductive rights and body sovereignty is being decimated over here in the states. You may be feeling rage, hopelessness, fear and each of those is incredibly valid. Feel them in their entirety, then stand up and use them to fight back. This month, we are going to stand boldly in our sovereignty and all that entails.

They will tell you such nonsense as, “Lilith is a demon. Lilith is the mother of demons. Lilith defied Adam.” She may be and she may have, but does it matter? What she really was, was the first to refuse to upset the natural order of things. She was sovereign. Her refusal to bow to the patriarchy is what we all must draw upon. They have taken her story, they have defiled it and WE are taking it back.

Lilith was originally from Sumeria. Like many of the Goddesses we have or will touch upon. She is the Rebel, a Seductress, a Goddess of Sacred Sex, she is our wild feminine and brings the wind and storms. Do you see a common theme here? Of Serpents & Storms being the parents company of DGC and RAW is no accident.

So what will this month bring you, the Wild Women and Witches? Are you ready to take back control of your own life, your own pleasure, and your own sexuality? That’s what we’re doing. Are you ready to fight for your sovereignty in a world that wishes to relegate you back to being submissive? We’ve got you covered.

Scheduled for the Month of July

Incense Blend
Black Sacred Candle
Body Sovereign
Ritual with Lilith
Fanning Flames of Passion

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Want to see us in person? We are honored, inspired, and full of gratitude in announcing the acceptance of our workshops at Mystic South this year!

Darkest Blessings & A Candle & A Key
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