Owl, The Guardian

November’s Anthology to Goddess Nyx

Anthology to Nyx

Nyx is a primordial Greek Goddess, or the personification of Night with her veil of stars. There are many works referencing her as the daughter of Chaos (the original darkness of creation), of being feared by even the mighty Zeus (1), and of giving birth to a multitude of beings without men (Euripides, Hesiod, Homer, & Vergil). She is said to reside in Tartarus in Theogony, and in other works is said to have been found as an oracle dwelling within a cave. This is deeply captivating and curious because she is a creatrix without men, residing in a place that is a deity and a place (remember Hel?). It leads me to believe that Nyx is not just night, she is the darkness, the nothingness from which all is created and spun – not the daughter of it. This same force lies within every person, the spark to ignite our own worlds of existence and ways of being by traversing and integrating the darkness.

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Correspondences & Lineage

Number7 (6)
Planet/AstrologyMoon (crescent), including a moon of Pluto (2,3)
PlantsPoppy, Moonflower (and most night flowering species that are white, careful as these also include some poisonous pretties!)
ParentsPrimordial, but some say from Chaos, others from Eros
SiblingsGaia, Erebus
ChildrenFuries (4); Fates, Death, Sleep, Dreams, Keres, Momus, Hespiredes (5); multiple others
ColorsBlack, Silver

An Experience: Kaycee

The most powerful truths come out in the night,

when the distractions are few and the senses are high.

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I have realized in building a conscious and intentional relationship with Nyx that the aspect I connect most with is the one behind her veil of stars, the one that happens without conscious thought. The part of her that is unseen with our human eyes but perceived of the soul in our richest of experiences in the night. It is truth. It is the experience of our soul sight that we cannot carry into the bright light and we cannot show to others in waking hours if only because we have been stripped of our collective ability to connect with it.

We are completely silenced unless our truth is “good”.

We are not to speak of our hurts.

We are not to speak of our pain.

We are not to speak of the past.

We are not to speak of the dark.

Photo by Mariana Montrazi from Pexels

We are only to move forward, and we become deadened to her presence while the sun is shining.

We must be a collective of the society, a mirror of the culture, the same egregore that shushes us into obedience. The very same one that found a way to strip us of our gifts that came from Nyx, from the darkness we are born from.

Where have we seen this in our own lives? How has it taken shape in our connection with others and our own dreams?

I have seen the impact in my own circle of friends, carrying things so heavy that only come out when the sun has set, and the music has stopped. I have seen the impact around bonfires, another circle of folks, coming face to face with words they’ve never spoken aloud. I have seen the tears, felt the anguish, the fears, the shame, the guilt, the hopes no longer believed in, the dreams long released, the joy no longer fought for, a deadened existence just because the lungs are still drawing breath. I have seen daylight arrive and the facades thoroughly put back into place. How many of us have exposed our soul only to try to take it back into hiding the next day?

Still breathing does not mean living.

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A Meeting Among the Stars

On my own journey to Nyx, I was wandering through a thick forest. I was looking for the opening where I knew I would find Owl and the messages meant for me. I could barely see, it was so dark this time.  It felt like I was going in circles, I was touching the trunks of trees as I passed, recognizing the patterns in the Birch bark as a tree I had already passed. I stop. I breathe deeply. I close my eyes and put my palms out before I feel the message enter my mind “there you go, use your actual sight from within”. Upon opening my eyes, the largest owl was gliding silently down in front of me to prepare me for a flight among the stars.” From Owl: A Guardian of Mysteries

Having worked with Owl before, I thought for sure I was going to take flight and come face to face with Nyx in her grand chariot among the stars as described by Vergil in Aeneid (7). My back began to ache with the feeling of wings I have known so well, they want to be released but it shifts into itch. This itch is at my shoulder blades, and I cannot reach it.

Owl begins to wobble forward, flapping wings, as if to say, “come on”.

I follow. As we go forward, I notice that the darkness is fading and I am asking why I am witnessing Hemera and I am immediately falling into darkness, plunging quickly. I am trying to push my wings from under my skin to no avail and I hit the ground. Hard. I cannot move.

Photo by Dhyamis Kleber from Pexels

I hear hooves. It is dark. Then I see her, cloaked but sparkling, like a glittering shadow. She is mysterious and almost challenging, but not frightening. She holds out her hand, palm facing me, and it gets cold. I hear the popping and snapping of my own bones within my body. I feel no pain. In her other hand, she is holding a large piece of moonstone. As I get up, I hear her say:

I know you can fly, you have worked with the guardian for a year. You can see all your paths. You can see all the obstacles along each one. You can choose the path to take. However, they all have obstacles, and they are all the same. There is no way around them or over them because they are mirrors of the soul, and your wings will fail you until you face each one. They are yours to face. They are heavy. Your dreams amongst the stars require the understanding of the darkness you hide. You cannot soar when the darkness holds your wings hostage.

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She holds out her hand of shadow holding the moonstone for me to take it. As I take it from her it glows brighter. Nyx’s veil slips entirely. Revealed is not a figure, not a woman, but a large mirror reflecting a moving image of me holding the still glowing moonstone with my maternal lineage standing behind me. In one moment, I am a 4-year-old little girl. In one moment, I am a teenager. In one moment, I am giving birth, in one moment I am screaming, in one moment I am grieving. Then, in one moment I am staring at a girl in front of me looking into the same mirror, holding the same moonstone, and I am her ancestor full of love urging her forward.

Nyx teaches us how to bring our truth to the light. How to navigate the dark nights of the soul. Those moments that have imprinted upon us in ways that leave us choosing whether to be “still breathing” or to reimagine our dreams by transcending, transforming, and transmuting those things that clipped our wings into our unending sources of power.

Nyx as Creatrix

Nyx, born of chaos/khaos she is a primordial Deity and one feared by Zeus himself. She is far older and far more powerful. Yet, little remains of her mythology. This month, we have spent sometime rediscovering her. She is far more than appears on the surface.

Nyx by Gustave Moreau

As much as she is darkness itself, within the cloak of stars she wears are brilliant bursts of light. She, like many of the Greek Deities, is honored through an Orphic Hymn. The translation of it is here for you to add to your own practice.

Orphic Hymn to Nyx

I shall sing of Nyx, Mother of gods and men.
Nyx – and let us call her Kypris – gave birth to all.
Hearken, O blessed goddess, jet-black and star-lit,
Whose delight is in quiet and slumber-filled serenity.
Cheerful and delightsome, O mother of dreams, you love the nightlong revel,
And your gentleness rids of cares, and offers respite from toil.
Giver of sleep, beloved of all you are, as you drive your steeds and gleam in darkness.
Ever incomplete, now terrestrial and now again celestial,
You circle around in pursuit of sprightly phantoms,
You force light into the nether world, and again you flee into Hades.
Dreadful necessity governs all things.
But now, O blessed one, yea beatific and desired by all,
I call on you to grant a kind ear to my voice of supplication,
And benevolent, come to disperse fears that glisten in the dark.

If you would like to hear it recited, you can find a recording within the article linked here. You will also find a sigil for inscribing upon candles and placing into your own workings with her.

If you are feeling lost, or stuck, you can call upon her for clarity. She can guide you through the dark, as it is her domain. Sit in darkness, on the New Moon. Call to her and explain your situation. Then, simply listen. She will show you the way forward.

Darkest Blessings with a Candle & a Key
Ivy & Kaycee

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Nyx Sigil and Recordings for her

November has been an absolute whirlwind! As we prepare to say farewell to November, we are wrapping up our month of Veneration to Nyx.

The Sigil

I have created a Sigil to Nyx for you to use in your future workings.

Sigil by Author

Orphic Hymn to Nyx

I have also chosen to record the Orphic Hymn to Nyx for you to use as a means to call her in.

The Message

As I was working with Nyx, she sent a channeled message through. I have made a recording of it as well.

Darkest Blessings,

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Honoring the homes we create

Coming Home to Witchcraft: Honoring the Homes We Create

A big part of coming home to witchcraft can be recognizing that we are the creatrix of the spaces in which we live, work, and play. Even if we are not the builder of our home or workspace, there are other ways in which we take on the role of creatrix: our perception, our experience, our decoration, and our actions.

Coming into this awareness can become overwhelming. This knowledge can settle into our bones. If we are the creatrix of our experiences with where we are present and where we are present can be considered a home, then:

  • What homes do we have?
  • Are we showing up or just going through the motions?
  • Are we having the types of experiences we yearn for?
  • Do we have a certain bias against some of the places and spaces we make our homes in?
Photo by Jessica Lynn Lewis from Pexels

The Body

Our body is our number one home of spirit. It is the first home we have. I know I have a tremendous and deeply engrained bias towards my own body because it does not fit the standard image of many things including beauty, youth, or pristine health. A part of the process of coming home to my body and honoring it is unlearning the bias. My body allows me to exist, connect, create life, and be. A part of honoring that is to practice more self-love without hard and fast rules. Ultimately, awareness and habits of creating presence in the body allow us to take up that creatrix mode on our own, in ways that speak truth to us. Before I give some ideas, here are a few things to ponder:

  • What are ways that we can honor the body where we are right now?
  • What are things that you love about your body?
  • How can you be comfortable in your skin today?
  • What does your body need today?
Photo by Author

Ideas for creating presence and honoring the body as home:

  • Create a Self-Care Deck
    • Glamour Magick
    • Somatic Experience
    • Self-Love
    • The Senses
    • Decoration
  • Engage in body reflection and acceptance through journaling
  • Daily body scans
  • Weekly Ritual Bath or Shower

I am at home in my body. I am at ease with my body’s sensations. I am at play with my body’s sensuality and at peace with my body’s natural cycles. I speak about my body with reverence. And so it is” ~ Patricia Lynn Reilly, Willendorf’s Legacy: The Sacred Body (A Girl God Anthology)

Photo via Pixabay

At Work

Coming home to witchcraft and especially the Dark Goddesses creates an atmosphere of evaluation and connection. The space where we work, whether it be for money or our place of witchery, demands that we remove any illusion and get clear in what we want. This, however, is not just about goals. It is about the threads that have been woven and if they feel like home. Maybe the threads need a good cleansing or maybe some need to be woven differently. Being the creatrix in this space is about nourishing growth, kindness, and compassion and it starts with us. Here are some questions to ponder:

  • Am I showing up fully present and ready to engage?
    • If yes, what are the top 3 things that motivate you?
    • If no, what are 3 things that are in your control that can help you shift?
  • Does my space feel light or heavy?
  • Who are the people, spaces, or things present that I enjoy?

Cleansing the Space

Aside from a great wipe down or a sage mist, there are other ways to cleanse your space and experience change in the energetic frequency. Here are my top 2 for the office or for my sacred space:

Photo by Author

Cleansing at the office or on the go:

  • Use a stone in the pocket or a portal pouch with the intention of having it radiate in all directions wherever you go.
  • A satchel of Agrimony (especially if the workplace or coworkers are challenging) or sprinkling of Agrimony in your space.

Photo by Author

Cleansing of Sacred Space:

  • Incense is my go-to, there is something about the immediate energetic shift with smoke. If that is unavailable, then there is another way featured here.

The main purpose is to become aware of what needs to go and what needs to be built and created. Sometimes cleansing makes it feel more like home, other times it opens the door for us to get creative in finding a new place to call home.

Where is Home?


It’s such a simple word, but it’s filled with complexities. It carries a different meaning for all of us..

For all of us, Earth is our home. This, is where the similarities mostly end. Each of our ideas of what home is, can differ wildly from here.

The first place we’re brought to, after we’re born, is home. If one is lucky this is where their best memories are and they can always come back here.

Home is where we lay our head at night. For some, that is a tiny home with a small foot print. For others, it may be something much bigger. It is where we come to in order to shut out the constant din of the world outside. For our ancestors, it may have been caves or groves. It was a shelter from the elements made of everything from bone to rock to wood.

For some Romany people, their traveling Vardo is home.

Image from Pinterest

Each of us have places in the world that speak to our very souls. For me it’s the parks and forests surrounding me. When I step into those places, my spirit is at peace. Others may feel that peace when they are near the oceans. We are each unique in the places that feel like home.

I was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains, in a tiny little town that is quite close to the Eastern Band of the Cherokee. There is magic in this land, but there is also sorrow. For a very long time I struggled with being a “Hillbilly”. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to understand that my ancestors are a tough lot. They survived conditions and poverty that is truly heartbreaking. These mountains, they are my home. When I stand on this land, I feel the blood of my ancestors rush through my veins. Home is in the very wind that blows upon my face.

Photo by Dawn Gaddis on Unsplash

People can be home, too. There are certain amazing people in my life that I can embrace and it is home. My children, grandchildren, friends, and my beloved. There aren’t many, but when home is a person, it can change the entire day just by seeing them.

My Witchcraft? It too is home. When I stand in my power, knowing I’m doing what is best for me and mine, there isn’t a feeling of wholeness more profound than craft the life I want. That home, within a home, within a home is the warm embrace of a thousand dreams.

  • So what or where is home for you?
  • Is it the mountains, the forests, the ocean?
  • Or is it something else entirely?

Let us take today and be grateful for all we have in our lives. The people that bring us joy and the places that bring us peace.

Ivy & Kaycee

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Dark Goddess Key

Coming Home: The Dark Goddess & Witchcraft

In my experience and the experiences others have shared with me, the Dark Goddess comes in a way that grabs our attention. She grabs it with a face or name or animal, one that grabs our attention at the soul level. It is a knowing, something just sparks for us, and we know we have found a thread leading us home. Home in ourselves, to our tribe, to our purpose, and to her.

I know I was simultaneously scared shitless and curiously exhilarated.

Photo by 3Motional Studio from Pexels

She arrives in the form that we need to connect with and many times during the beginning of our awakening. These may be moments that do not feel like new beginnings, but like death, destruction, and endings. Those dark nights of the soul, the ones that leave us breathless or screaming, she appears and guides us through our own trials by fire. It is this deep darkness that provides the most fertile soil for us to rise strongly rooted in ourselves, in our path. We are reawakened, remembering, reclaiming, and rewilding with her.

She also forces us to face the monsters we keep trapped in the basement of self or even the real ones in our lives.

She provides opportunities in the small decisions of everyday life. Think about all the small decisions that we have made, the connections and threads spiraling outward from a single choice. My first job at 15 years old led me to my first husband, 3 wild and beautiful children, and a divorce that led me to the Dark Goddess. This subsequently led me to you.

One decision.

Photo by César Coni from Pexels

I also have learned to radically accept every decision I’ve made, and every part I’ve played (or not) to get here. In those places of the deepest dark, I know I don’t deserve the things that have hurt, betrayed, and invalidated me or cracked and shattered the very essence of my being, but I accept that they happened. Coming home to the Dark Goddess is the baseline, it is the beginning of the rest of a life on our own terms. These are the choices she empowers us with.


Coming home to witchcraft feels like an act of rebellion or of defiance. In essence, it is the ultimate act of defiance in the face of a system that pits people against each other, thrives under structures of powerful or ‘powerless’, and where wisdom is only valued if it can be scientifically measured by those in the ‘powerful’ category. Witchcraft becomes a conduit through which we become our own Breaker of Bindings, Force of the Fierce, Reclaimer, and Completely Untamed.

Photo by Daria from Pexels

Let Me Explain

The very act of becoming requires that we remove the shackles or bindings of who we were told to be. We must do it ourselves. It is a battle cry of living from the soul truth, to unlearn the limits placed upon us, being soul or heart driven. Perhaps you have found yourself here, among an ever-rising Force of the Fierce tribe that is learning together.

We are creating a collective.

These are spaces of being that allow us to genuinely connect with everyone exactly as we are and reclaim our sovereign right to exist without the guilt, the shame, or the fear. In fact, we become able to experience a full range of emotions and connect to our magic in a way that promotes a wild curiosity to emerge. This is the place where we come face to face with the Dark Goddess, we find her staring back at us in the mirror.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

Breaker of Bindings Ritual Bath

This is a ritual with the purpose of calling forth and illuminating that which we must retrieve from within to break our own bindings. This could be those truths we were told to hide at a young age. It could be our soul sparks that have been diminished through periods of trauma, abuse, or invalidation. It could be retrieving our own voice after only hearing the voice of others for so long. The pieces of us that need retrieving are keys that allow us to break the bindings that have kept us playing small or living inauthentically. This ritual will call the pieces upward from the darkest depths where they have been hidden. Only you know these pieces and only you can do this work.


  • Moonstone
  • Living Water (snow, spring water, rainwater)
  • 5 Bay Leaves
  • 2 tbsp. Yarrow (dried herb)
  • 2 tbsp. Lavender (buds)
  • Bowl
  • Glass Jar and lid
  • Black Sacred Candle
Photo by Jens from Pexels


Moonstone is a beautiful stone that, as its name suggests, pulls in lunar energy. This stone can signify new beginnings, enhance our inner intuition and strength, while simultaneously reflecting the individual back to themselves.

“…it allows one to absorb that which is needed from the universal energies, not necessarily, however, furthering that which is wanted.” ~ A. Melody, Love is in The Earth

Moonstone is a useful tool to assist in our journey. We are going to create Moonstone-infused water for a Ritual Bath that will illuminate what we must retrieve for our own sovereign journey. While this stone can be put into water, I do not recommend it as there are other ways to infuse water with a stone’s energy.

Photo by Author

Moonstone Water Directions:

  1. Place the cleansed and blessed stone into a glass jar and seal with the lid.
  2. Take the bowl and place the living water in it.
  3. Take the glass jar and place it into the bowl so the water rises, surrounding the glass jar that safely holds the stone.
  4. Place outside or on a ledge during the full moon to capture the lunar energy.

The time spent capturing the lunar energies in both the stone and the water, will allow the Moonstone Water to reach a conflux of potential once we activate it.

Photo by Author

Moonstone Water Activation

After the full moon, we want to merge the energies together and activate for our ritual bath. Unseal the lid on the glass jar. Visualize the energy from the stone coming up out of the glass jar and flowing down the sides into the water. You may use both hands to help guide the energy from the top of the glass jar, down the sides, and into the water (think of how one can use their hands to guide sacred smoke).

Speak these words:

Lumino, Lumen, of the Liminal Realm

Confluence, a Mirror, Truth rises to the helm

The Moonstone Water is now activated. Remove the glass jar from the bowl and set to the side. Your Moonstone will need to be recharged before using again. You are left with the bowl of activated water.

The Complete Ritual with Audio Journey can be found here.

Photo by Rafaela Lima from Pexels

Homecoming: Dark Goddesses Collective

We are honored that you have found us. We are a rising Force of the Fierce. A Circle of Sovereigns. Dark Goddesses Collective is a private, modern witchcraft-centered initiative striving to create a community of students and leaders driven by their own unique purpose, passion, and magic through the sovereign reclamation of the Dark Goddesses. The buildout of our private community is well underway. Wish to be notified once we open the gates? To be one of the first click here.

A candle and a key,

Kaycee & Ivy

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Feature Image Credit: Rostislav Uzunov from Pexels

Nyx, Goddess of Night

Image from Pinterest

Nyx, daughter of Khaos, the Primordial one, wrapped in a cloak of stars. She who illuminates deep within the darkness and holds the mirror that shows us who we are. Our hopes, our fears, the very fabric from the cosmos that created each of us. Feared by Gods and men alike, for she is truth in its purest form.

My Work with Nyx

I have sat for many days, pondering. Even I am not immune to things such as self-doubt and impostor syndrome. It is within the moon’s gaze that I have begun to understand that there is still much work to do. So with her I have sat, listening, unraveling, discovering.

It is within this process of discovery that I have had reflected back at me the parts within myself that I really rather don’t like. Perfectionism, procrastination, doubt, that I am diving deep to root out the source and banish it from my life. This time, for good.

Image from Pinterest

Creating the life we are meant to live

There are lessons within all we do and it is through her wisdom that I am learning how to let go. You will shed tears, so many tears. Yet water is cleansing catharsis. There are people who have walked out of my life that I have been grieving for far too long. The time has come to step past that hurt. It is not me that is broken.

Nyx’s stars have shined upon me, always. When one such as she places you in her gaze, it can be overwhelming at first. You want to “live up to” some sort of extraordinary standard that takes root in your mind. While our Divines expect us to live up to our potential, they don’t expect us to just know how to do that at a moment’s notice.

Meeting her in her domain

Working with Nyx is a process and one worthy of doing well, not necessarily quickly. I urge you to stand beneath the crescent moon, the starry sky, and even the sky filled with inky blackness. Hold a moonstone in your hand and just…listen. Breathe and listen. Lose yourself in the twinkling of the stars of her cloak. Her voice is within the shadows and upon the wind. Think about what it is saying to you. The path toward creating a life worthy of you and all you have to offer. Once you know the way, move forward and don’t look back.

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Darkest Blessings,

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Owl, The Guardian

Owl: A Guardian of Mysteries

At Dark Goddesses Collective we are on a journey of calling in Nyx and beginning our relationship with her. We want to gather her wisdom and understand her mysteries meant for us. Many of our Dark Goddesses have an association with specific animals, those that present an energy or symbolism so deep that we must learn the language of symbols to begin to grasp the deeper meaning. Even then, our own research and perceptions can lead us away from our ability to discern the wisdom meant for us. We encourage you to begin your journey to finding Owl and the wisdom that awaits.

Photo by Des Recits via Unsplash

The Owl

I have called this year my year of the Owl and the Witch. I have been working with Owl for almost exactly one year and it makes perfect sense to conclude with a journey that awakened me deeply to the wisdom that Owl guards with such ferocity. There are steps for transcendence and transformation, as the mystical symbolism of Owl implies. To build a personal gnosis of Nyx’s Great Owl, it will come to teach us how to see and trust in the darkness we navigate.

Learning to See

Owl is a guardian of Nyx’s wisdom for those unable to clearly see their path forward towards her. This sight relates to our clarity, awareness, and trust in our ability to “see” what must be seen. Nyx, in all her glittering glory, can take us to places that must be faced, but Owl comes first. As the messenger that can traverse those liminal spaces, Owl guards us and the wisdom of Nyx simultaneously. Becoming one of our greatest companions, Owl will help us with our awareness, clarity, and determination as we gather the wisdom meant for us on our journey into her realms of darkness and begin to shine a light on what requires it.

Photo by I.am_Nah via Unsplash

On my own journey to Nyx, I was wandering through a thick forest. I was looking for the opening where I knew I would find Owl and the messages meant for me. I could barely see, it was so dark this time.  It felt like I was going in circles, I was touching the trunks of trees as I passed, recognizing the patterns in the Birch bark as a tree I had already passed. I stop. I breathe deeply. I close my eyes and put my palms out before I feel the message enter my mind “there you go, use your actual sight from within”. Upon opening my eyes, the largest owl was gliding silently down in front of me to prepare me for a flight among the stars.

See In the Dark Potion

I crafted this potion to assist in getting into the space of our Witch’s sight without the anxiety, fear of the unseen, or resistance that many of us face about the unknown from time to time. All of the ingredients are “pinches” of dried herb (I measure until my heart, or my ancestors, scream stop on most potions).

  • 1 Chamomile
  • 1 Catnip
  • 1 Yarrow
  • 2 Lavender
  • 1 Mugwort
  • 1 Sage

Mix all ingredients and place in a tea ball or teacup with strainer. Pour 6 oz boiling water over the mix and cover for 7 minutes. Remove tea ball or strainer and place to the side (I let this dry and use it as an incense later!). Add a little honey to the potion and find a quiet place to enjoy your potion, either consumed or through breathing the vapors (especially for those concerned about allergies).

Note: This potion that almost gets me into the calm awareness for the journey without breathwork. If by chance your messages are not clear, they will be during your liminal journeys into the dreamscape over the next few days.

Photo by Author

Trusting the Darkness

Owl is of and within the darkness, as is Nyx. As a messenger Bird, and a mysteriously powerful companion to Witches, the Owl teaches us how to trust in our own journey through the dark. This trust leads us to the wisdom of the darkness, to Nyx, she of the deepest dark above and below, transforming us from fearful to something sacred: Fearsome. A formidable Witch that owns the power of sight, flight, and trusts the individual path required on this journey to wholeness.

May your Owl companion bring you closer to your sight and flight,


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Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Beacon to Nyx

The Beacon to Nyx

November is meant for embracing the darkness that looms heavy in the sky as we continue to see the trees shapeshift into bare bones. We can beckon the wisdom of darkness, of Nyx, to us through the Black Sacred Candle. This candle serves as the beacon that will invite her into our spaces to impart the medicine of the darkness she brings.

Photos by Author

The Correspondences

Nyx, the primordial personification of night who draws the blanket over the sky, is mother to sleep and death. It should not be a surprise that poppy speaks of this same energy, and we will use Poppy seeds as a part of our Beacon Blend to Nyx. We add Yarrow to ease us into the healing wisdom of Nyx and the amazing cleansing, banishing, protecting, and world-walking trio that are Sage, Mugwort, and Myrrh. As an addition, we can use Moonstone over the candle and botanicals to reflect the energy of this beacon to take it up a level.

Never created a Black Sacred Candle? We have you covered! Learn how in this free three-part series.

A Calling to Nyx

When sinking deep into the energy of creating this beacon, Nyx made it clear to me that the flame needed a specific enchantment upon the first lighting. I sat with this for a day or so and she gave me the words immediately after waking up (still half asleep to be honest!). You can listen to it below!

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A candle and a key,


Feature Image Credit: Francesco Sgura from Pexels


Nyx and November

As the northern hemisphere continues to lengthen its time in darkness, in nighttime, we look to welcome Nyx at Dark Goddesses Collective for November.

Here at Dark Goddesses Collective, part of our work is the reclamation of the Goddesses in all forms. To speak their stories and our own, recognizing a growing power through which we can all foster change in our lives and communities. We are excited that you have found us!

November Darkness

We are equally excited to announce that our private network is coming along beautifully. Its creation will be for those who are interested in doing the deeper, life-changing, intuitive work of reclaiming their power with Dark Goddesses and a tribe committed to fostering change in their communities.

The Month of November

Our Theme: Coming Home to Witchcraft and Dark Goddesses

This month we are discussing the ways witchcraft feels like a homecoming, how the threads of the Dark Goddesses find us in our witchery, and how it presents itself as a mirror into our soul.

Our Goddess: Nyx

A primordial Goddess of Night and darkness, from the darkness where all of creation is formed and returned to. Connecting with Nyx is to connect deeply within our subconscious where our own divinity may lay in wait, our own spark of creation, beyond “other” and beyond the “dark night of the soul”.

Nyx's stars

Some of what we have planned:

  • Rituals to see in the dark
  • A Potion
  • A Talisman
  • Using the Sacred Black Candle in the month of November
  • Meditation(s) and/or channeled messages via audio
  • An article on Nyx, herstory, the areas she resides over, ways to connect with her to empower our own self-sovereignty and divination.

As the month progresses, other work may present itself. Be sure to subscribe to our blog feed for new posts. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

A candle & a key, With Darkest Gratitude,
Kaycee & Ivy

Featured Image Credit: Found on Pinterest