Prophecy & Phoebe: Lumen Oracle Blend

As a part of our work with Phoebe this month, Ivy and I created a blend to call in the energy of Phoebe. Phoebe represents the power of the luminaries, the solar and lunar forces that lead us toward our own great knowing. This blend was created to burn away the noise to illuminate what we need and allows our own strategic wisdom to come forward.

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What you’ll need:

  • Sunflower (dried petals or oil)
  • Mugwort (dried herb)
  • Jasmine (dried petals or oil)
  • Nettle (dried herb)
  • Mortar and pestle
  • A jar to store it in

I found that I did not have dried sunflower petals on hand but did some research and found that dandelion petals correspond with our uses here. My point is this: research and see if you have something that will match the purpose and intention.

As a side note, with all herbs, take all proper precautions if you have allergies, are pregnant/may become pregnant, or take medications (consult your doctor).

Photo by Kaycee Reeves


Measure with your heart. No really. Take each herb or oil and spend a moment with it. I noticed right away Nettle and Mugwort were ready to go. Nettle went into the mortar and pestle first and then Mugwort. Continue to add in your ingredients and the amounts that you feel led to add. Play with this a little, using all your senses, and you are going to end up with the perfect blend for yourself.

Once you are done adding, begin to grind and mix in your mortar and pestle until it reaches the consistency you desire. Place it in the jar you chose for storage.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves


Burn* a little every day in a fire safe container to get yourself into the space of calm clarity, discernment between danger and fear, reinforcing boundaries, increasing clairvoyant abilities, and healing. If you are unable to burn your incense, put some in a little dish on an altar that is out of reach of children and pets and visit it each day for a few minutes.

*Please practice all proper fire safety in your craft, we do not accept responsibility for mishaps.

A Candle & A Key, With Darkest Gratitude,
Kaycee & Ivy

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Feature Image Credit: Pixabay

Original Sight: Phoebe

This month in Dark Goddesses Collective we are tapping into the power of sight by connecting with Phoebe. This Goddess, grandmother to Apollo, Artemis, and Hekate, was also an Oracle at Delphi before passing the work over to her sister, Themis, and subsequently Apollo according to some stories. The ability to see, pick up on, and translate the messages meant for us requires practice, experimenting, and holding the balance of giving and receiving.

Created by Montserrat 


August 2022 in Dark Goddesses Collective

Theme: Preparing for the Dark

We are taking a moment to reflect on the abundance of the year. Lammas signifies our great harvest, both outward and inward, but also the re-turning point towards the darkness. It is time to reflect and also build our ability to see in the dark.

Goddess: Phoebe

Phoebe, once an Oracle at Delphi, is a great teacher of holding the balance between giving and receiving. Not unlike the luminaries in our sky, the sun giving and the moon receiving, we are able to connect with the Great Grandmother Goddess to guide us in our ability to do both to build our sight.

Artist: John Collier

Some of What We Have Planned:

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A Candle & A Key, With Darkest Gratitude,
Kaycee & Ivy

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest