Lilith, Whore of Babylon, or Beacon of sovereignty?

Lilith – Whore of Babylon or Beacon of Sovereignty?

Here at Dark Goddesses Collective, we believe everything is divine timing. Sometimes, a Goddess seeks to be featured in a given month and we just roll with it. The reasons become clear as the months move along. We set our monthly Goddess/theme in December and, while some months don’t go to plan, others do. Which brings us to July and what June wrought upon us.

Chaos. Women’s reproductive rights and body sovereignty is being decimated over here in the states. You may be feeling rage, hopelessness, fear and each of those is incredibly valid. Feel them in their entirety, then stand up and use them to fight back. This month, we are going to stand boldly in our sovereignty and all that entails.

They will tell you such nonsense as, “Lilith is a demon. Lilith is the mother of demons. Lilith defied Adam.” She may be and she may have, but does it matter? What she really was, was the first to refuse to upset the natural order of things. She was sovereign. Her refusal to bow to the patriarchy is what we all must draw upon. They have taken her story, they have defiled it and WE are taking it back.

Lilith was originally from Sumeria. Like many of the Goddesses we have or will touch upon. She is the Rebel, a Seductress, a Goddess of Sacred Sex, she is our wild feminine and brings the wind and storms. Do you see a common theme here? Of Serpents & Storms being the parents company of DGC and RAW is no accident.

So what will this month bring you, the Wild Women and Witches? Are you ready to take back control of your own life, your own pleasure, and your own sexuality? That’s what we’re doing. Are you ready to fight for your sovereignty in a world that wishes to relegate you back to being submissive? We’ve got you covered.

Scheduled for the Month of July

Incense Blend
Black Sacred Candle
Body Sovereign
Ritual with Lilith
Fanning Flames of Passion

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Darkest Blessings & A Candle & A Key
Ivy & Kaycee

Unstoppable: Medusa and Frida Kahlo

We all have an innate ability to stop others where they stand. The power lies within our ability to create, define, and choose our paths forward. Our purpose, thoughts, and actions are intertwined with this power and connected with the wisdom of the divine.

Medusa and Frida

Looking closely and then sinking back in my view of their lives, I see that theirs were those where it appeared as if the world was against them. However, their names are still known.  The truth in their stories and power still resonate through time and space.

Created by Karol Bak

Pain to Power

Putting pain to power, Medusa and Frida carry this energetic fortitude of being unstoppable and without boundaries.

Medusa, after her rape and beheading, was still powerful and a force for transformation. Her power was used strategically to protect women from a fate at the hands of men (such as King Polydectes who would force a marriage and rape of Perseus’ mother).

Photo found here.

Frida, while closer to our current time, carries some of this same energy of transformation and wisdom. Her will to be and will to question or push the status quo. Born in 1907, in the Coyoacán burough of Mexico City, Mexico, she suffered from polio as a child and had a horrific accident that left her in a constant state of pain.

Understanding her life and the underlying societal culture of the time, she was nonconforming and found her voice. She owned it and her life. She accepted nothing less than her desires and is still quoted today as an anthem of strength and rootedness beholden by those who are sovereign in the knowledge that their stories, choices, and art are places of wisdom and are powerful.

Photo by Meg Dreyer via Re-Visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine Wisdom by Glenys Livingstone, Ph.D

The Ripple Effect

Medusa and Frida did not conform to the standard set by the rest of the world but were rooted in self. From this place, it created a ripple effect of wisdom, strength, and sovereignty for those can connect deeply to do the same. Even when the stories of us all are told through the lens of those in power in our lives and societies, the truth is revealed through the depths of intuition and our ability to translate it for ourselves. In fact, they both rise through time and space with the same message:

Those in power fear those that are born with it

Those that have power with others versus power over make the deepest impact

Those with power over will have their names long forgotten except for their atrocities as a reminder of what not to become: a curse upon them even after death.

A Candle & A Key,


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Featured Image: Karol Bak