Tiamat Mother Dragon – An Anthology


The primordial essence of Tiamat, based on the timeframe of the stories we have relating to her, occur during the timeframe when patriarchal society was on the rise. The story of Marduk slaying Tiamat as a prime example of the story where the ability to overthrow the power of the feminine was sure to rise one into ‘King’ status. The thing about Tiamat and her lessons is that she is not slain. She simply understood her realm across land, sea, and sky enough to when to sink, swim, or soar. She teaches us the same.

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Sink, Swim, or Soar

Understanding our inner and outer landscape is helpful when working with Tiamat. She is going to bring the challenges to the surface and make you face them head on. Sometimes that requires sinking in or sitting with the various things that come up during this time. The ability to deeply connect and contemplate the lesson being presented can be a key to opening the vault of opportunities that await us.

Sometimes, we must tread water. That is the lesson: learning how to keep our heads above water is about our ability to persevere during our greatest challenges. And she will absolutely bring those up for us because it is a reminder that we too shall not be slain, just transformed.

To soar is about taking the calculated risks that make us slightly uncomfortable. This is not about fearlessness, it is teaching us to be fearsome. To be emboldened and claim what is rightfully ours. To learn to trust ourselves and our ability to rise to the occasion, children with the blood of dragons in their veins.

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A Call To Tiamat

I call to you Tiamat
Primordial Dragon of Life Giving Waters
She who is fierce and nurturing
Steady upon the waves and the wind
Where we may roam with the wings you gave us
With the fire found in the eyes and hearts of all Witches
Tiamat, I call to you
Goddess of the Sea
I seek upon your wings
The lessons just for me


Correspondences for Tiamat are a personal journey. I do have some to get you started.

Places: The Ocean, The Milky Way
Stones: Dragons Blood Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Amazonite, Moldavite, Coral, and Shells
Colors: Blue, Green
Creatures: Dragons
Resin: Dragons Blood Resin
Other: Sand, Dirt, Salt Water

My Own Experience with Tiamat, Primordial Mother

A lot of the work I did with Tiamat was done while I was submerged in water. Bath teas and Bath Salts helped to heighten my experiences. She will lead you where you need to go. Even if, at times, it’s frightening. The first time I worked with her, surrounded by water, it really was an initiation. I am used to being surrounded by fire or in meadows. Tiamat though, she is different in many ways, so being surrounded by deep water was new to me.

At first, I desperately tried to swim for the surface. I could sense her amusement as she reminded me that I was safe. It was not done with even a hint of malice. She knew I needed a deep dive to shed myself of situations and ways of being to reach closer to wholeness. Once I had calmed down, she began to speak. Sharing with me the deep wisdom that only the Primordial Goddesses have to bestow. They have watched the world from the beginning. The cycles repeat more often than we can comprehend.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

A good example of that, is the birth/death/rebirth cycle. In order to grow into what we are meant to become, we shed our skin many times over the course of our journey. She reminds us that our rage is valid. Not only is it valid, it is necessary. Change only comes when we recognize the rage that lives within us all. Injustice will present itself in a myriad of ways. Tapping into the wisdom that is Tiamat helps us to facilitate positive change.

Be warned though, without grounding/centering/releasing you will find yourself walking in rage. Hence our Soothe the Dragon Bath Tea is a lovely way to soothe her and ourselves.

I visited the briny deep with her as my touchstone so many times over the course of April. Each time, I found myself more at ease. Able to sit with her and listen to what I needed to know. Tiamat is a loving mother and a fierce protector. She demands we do the work to better ourselves, even when doing so may cause us to break and mend over and over.

A Candle & A Key, With Darkest Blessings,
Kaycee & Ivy

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Soothe the Dragon Bath Tea

Soothe the Dragon Bath Tea

We have done a lot of work with Tiamat this month and, no doubt, there have been moments that have felt overwhelming. How many times have we told ourselves that we need to be practicing selfcare? Do you know what selfcare looks like in times like these? Where you are so overwhelmed? Where the Divine has messages that you must hear right this second?

What if I told you that it’s almost as simple as “Get in the tub”? It is, but with a twist.

Photo by Hanna Postova @ Unsplash

I created this blend as I was working on a raffle prize for a local event happening in June. There are few measurements aside from the ancestors telling me when to stop. It ended up creating an entire quart jar, which I will use going forward. The items you need, you probably already have in your Apothecary.

What you need:

Rose Petals
Salt (Epsom, Himalayan or Sea Salt works best. Use what you have.)
Drawstring teabags or Tulle bags to contain the plant material and make cleanup easy
A large bowl

I sat down with my herbs, bowl and bags and set out to work.

Add as little or as much as you feel called to add. The Mugwort I would go light on, because it can bring about visions. Visions while in water can be a bit tricky.

I added my herbs in the order above then mixed them with clean, dry hands. The colors and textures were just lovely to the touch. I use a stainless steel bowl, as it’s easily cleaned.

Photo by Ivy Laine

Aren’t those colors just gorgeous?

Once I felt it was mixed enough by closing my eyes and just being present, I got my bags and set to work filling them. A few teaspoons is all you need. You can do this ahead of time and bag up the entire bowl into your bags if you like. I would just caution that they need to go into an airtight container of some sort.

Once you’re done, they’ll look something like this, depending on the bags you’re using.

Photo by Ivy Laine

How to use your Soothe the Dragon Bath Tea:

When you wish to soothe the dragon, hang one of these so the water runs over the bag as you fill the tub. Then, luxuriate in the water for as long as you need. Once you’re done, you can either toss the entire bag, or wait for it to dry and dump the used herbs and reuse the bag.

It really is an incredible way to calm the mind. Let me know your experiences with crafting the tea and how it helps you to recenter and calm the storm that rages from time to time.

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Darkest Blessings,

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Divining with Tiamat

This month has been especially challenging for many of us and we knew it would be. The Primordial Goddess Tiamat has been present within Dark Goddesses Collective and the essence of her waves have been washing over us. While we have created our Dragon Amulet as a way to connect to her powerful ability to rise up and meet the challenges we face, what about our ability to receive her messages meant just for us?

Photo by Kaycee Reeves


Cleromancy is a sacred divinatory art. Many cast lots or throw the bones, revealing a language of symbols within the thrower that must be translated. Creating your own cleromancy set is the easiest way to get into this state of connectedness. I was able to look around my home and find small items that held meaning for me. After cleansing and blessing my sacred objects, they began their lives together inside of a pouch filled with protective and sacred herbs.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

The Mat

Many folks prefer to have a purchased mat with symbols or words on them. These can be nice to use for other forms of divination too, such as pendulum work. However, we can all make our own. We can take dark cloth, a dark sheet of paper, or even a mousepad and turn it into a mat for divinatory purposes. I take ash and create symbols that honor the four directions and then listen within for what is next to go on the mat.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Creating the Space

Lighting your Black Sacred Candle is the perfect way to instantly create a sacred circle while also calling in Tiamat, the Goddess from whom we wish to receive messages. Putting on your Dragon Amulet will only lend additional power to the reading as well. Doing the dragon’s breath as you call in Tiamat for her messages, using the exhales over your set of objects can lend additional energetic force right before you gently toss your objects onto your mat.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Let Intuition Guide You

Reading the language of symbols can be challenging. It requires a translation or understanding of what each of the directions defines for you. As such, let your intuition be the guide. Add in the meaning behind any other symbolism you may have drawn and then observe where each piece of your cleromancy set has landed (some of the pieces may have not landed on the mat at all!). Just observe for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Sink down and in. Now read from the framework of what the piece means to you:

  • Where did it land?
  • Is it on an axis of your directions?
  • Is the piece turned a certain direction, maybe upside down?
  • Is it between North and East?
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Translation Example

As an example, in the picture above, there are multiple pieces that did not land on the mat. I put them back in the pouch. For me, they are not going to be a part of the message that Tiamat has for me currently.

The coin at the top represents an affirmative for me in my thoughts on travel, especially the travel I long for. The Butterfly is backwards and is a reminder to stay grounded in my friendships, but also means that I need to reach out specifically to one person. The curiousness of the items at the center are where she draws my focus. It says that is where my focus needs to be, there are actually 2 keys there (one just doesn’t look like a ‘key’) but also a serpent and spider that are touching. There are deep challenges that I am meeting at the center, and they are a threshold she is helping me cross.

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A Candle & A Key,


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Amulet of the Dragon

Any object can become an amulet to connect with a specific Goddess. You will see two different pendants in this article for just that purpose. The 1st half will walk you through cleansing what will become your Tiamat amulet. The 2nd part, by Kaycee, will give you the method for actually keying it to the Goddess you’re working with.

What you will need:

  • A tray or picture frame
  • Salt of your choosing
  • Selenite
  • Mugwort
  • Dragon’s blood (resin, self-lighting incense, or ash from incense sticks. Use what you have!)
  • The item to turn into the amulet
Photo by Ivy Laine

Just a basic black tray or a picture frame. I used some Dark Moon water and lightly wiped the surface. With every step of the creation, you want to direct cleansing white light at each item. We’re removing all the energy from the surfaces so we may start fresh.

Sprinkle the surface with your salt and let it sit for 3-5 minutes before continuing to the next step. We want the salt to take any residual energy in.

Photo by Ivy Laine

Once you feel like the salt has done its job, you want to add your Selenite. I have a zodiac wheel charging disk that I decided to use.

Photo by Ivy Laine

Again, give it 3-5 minutes resting on the bed of salt. Our tools want to work for us, we need to give them time for the intended task.

Next, we’re going to sprinkle a bit of Mugwort over the salt and the Selenite. As important as it is to cleanse our amulet of residual energies, it is JUST as important to have a bit of built-in protection. Mugwort has so many lovely uses. If you are in an area that it’s possible, grow your own! Just keep it in a pot unless you want a Mugwort yard.

Photo by Ivy Laine

Our final step, is to add the object we’re creating the amulet from and a bit of Dragon’s Blood. This is where that white, cleansing light is most necessary. Even if you’re using a brand new object, it carries energies with it. So think of it as blasting out the miasma of everyone and everything that touched it, from production to sale. You want to break those cords.

Here is what my working tray looked like once I had it all added together.

Photo by Ivy Laine

From here, you want to move your tray to a place where it won’t be disturbed. There is an energy exchange that happens as the cleansing takes place and the protection is infused. Leave it, undisturbed for 72 hours, before moving on to creation as an amulet.

For that, our lovely Kaycee is going to walk you through the steps for amulet creation geared toward specific purpose!

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

The Activation

To activate the amulet, we are going to utilize our Black Sacred Candle of the month as the beacon and then use some breathwork (think of it like the breath of a dragon) to imbue the amulet with the energetic force of Tiamat. Discover more here:

A candle and a key, With Darkest Gratitude,

Kaycee & Ivy

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The Primordial Blood of Dragons

This month we are working with Tiamat, the primordial dragon mother of the life-giving waters. As we create the Black Sacred Candle as a beacon to call to her, we are calling to she who is fierce and nurturing. Tiamat is one who has the energy of being steady upon the waves and the wind. It is with this energy, calling it in, that we are reminded:

She is with us no matter where we may roam with the wings she gave us.

That fire in our hearts and eyes is born of the dragon mother and all of us have it.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

The Black Sacred Candle

The Black Sacred Candle this month is not only to protect your magic and space, but to call to the surface of our inner space this sacred fire of the sea. Tiamat is an ally of understanding the balance of fire and water, their properties of creation and destruction. This connection is important to our craft, the knowing of ourselves, and to the knowing of the world around us. We all carry this fire but drawing it to the surface in a society that says this fire is unacceptable can be a challenge. The Black Sacred Candle can help.

Never created a Black Sacred Candle? We have you covered! Learn how in this free three-part series.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves


  • Candle
  • Dirt from your space
  • Salt
  • Dragon’s Blood Resin
  • Oak (I used essence, but choose your method)
  • Sage
  • Olive oil

Additional Items Needed:

  • Small dish with salt
  • Aluminum foil
  • Mortar and Pestle
Photo by Kaycee Reeves


  1. Take a piece of aluminum foil (large enough to wrap your candle in) and place it on your workspace.
  2. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
  3. Place the Candle on the small dish with salt
  4. In the mortar and pestle, grind up the Dragon’s Blood resin, sage, add a little of the dirt and the oak.
  5. Lay the candle on the aluminum foil and add a little olive oil to the candle.
  6. Sprinkle your ground mix over the candle and a little to the left and right of it.
  7. Roll the candle to the left and the right to cover it in your mix.
  8. Wrap the candle and place in the oven. DO NOT LEAVE THE KITCHEN (lesson learned the hard way), turn your candle every 2 minutes (this took me about 12 minutes total).

Caution: Please make sure there are no large chunks of plant material as these can be dangerous or ‘pop’ during candle burning. As always, please abide by all fire safety rules.

Photos by Kaycee Reeves

Each day light the candle for a few minutes, and use this chant to call to Tiamat:

Tiamat, I call to you

Mother of the Sea

I seek upon your wings

The lessons you bring for me

A candle and a key, With Darkest Gratitude,

Kaycee & Ivy

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You can also find Dark Goddesses Collective on Facebook and Instagram!

Want to see us in person? We are honored, inspired, and full of gratitude in announcing our workshop acceptance at Mystic South this year! Come see us!

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Tiamat: Primordial Initiations

This month in Dark Goddesses Collective we welcome in Tiamat. Tiamat is a Primordial Goddess of the Sea, the waters of life that speak to the transformative powers of becoming and remembering. Taking into consideration the ecology of her time, we can connect deeply to the energy of initiations in the darkness and the role of the dragon or serpent.

Photo by Ameluria via Deviantart.com

The Month of April

Our Theme: Initiations of Creation

This month we are connecting to the energy of creating, of becoming, and of remembering (not just thought, but the putting back together, the ‘re-membering’ of self in our stories and histories).

Our Goddess: Tiamat

There are many historical references and stories surrounding Tiamat and her power. As many of us have suspected, in many of the references she was villainized. Connecting with her will reveal her power in truth, but the search and connection with Tiamat is a lot like the search for our own truth (and our ability to connect with it). It can be challenging. Despite this, the lessons and the messages each of us receive from her are initiations into the knowing and our abilities to perceive become the catalysts for stepping into who we are.

Photo via Pixabay

Some of what we have planned:

  • Black Sacred Candle
  • Sacred Bath Tea
  • Amulet of the Dragon
  • Dark Goddesses Collective Community Pre-Launch Newsletter (for those who have signed up to be notified first. To be one of the first click here.)

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A candle & a key, With Darkest Gratitude,
Kaycee & Ivy

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