Wassail as an offering to Berchta

It’s time to dive inward!

Since last month, I have known I wanted to honor our Dear Berchta with something that always warms me in the cold winter months, Wassail! If you haven’t had this wonderful hot beverage, read on, my recipe is at the end. Its warmth almost feels a rebirth as we step away from the old and into the new.

The coming days can be full of needless stress. Sitting down with a cup of Wassail and inviting Berchta in can be the calm in the raging storms outside. It is absolute FIRE for the soul.

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Witches, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You can not do for everyone else and expect that you will suffer no consequences. There are ways of coping coming your way. In the meantime, sitting down with a cup of Wassail and a slice of your favorite pie can recharge and re-energize you. Even if only temporarily.

Steal that 5 minutes. I give you permission!

I decided that I would make this lovely beverage, invite our DGC Goddess of the Month, Berchta, to join me at the hearth fire and just listen. She seemed incredibly pleased with just being asked to partake and shared wisdom with me freely.

So let’s get to why you’re here, my Wassail recipe.

If you’re creating this as an offering for any Deity, it’s important that you set your intentions. Light your BSC for her, if you have some Holly, have it nearby (yet not TOO close), burn some cedar or evergreen of your choice. Really set the mood for the task at hand.


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8 C. Apple Cider (1/2 Gallon)
2 C. OJ
1/4 C. Lemon Juice
4 Cinnamon Sticks
12 Whole Cloves
1/4tsp-ish Nutmeg
1/4tsp-ish Ginger

I add a few thin slices of Orange to mine. You can also add Star Anise and/or Whole Cranberries

The first picture of the post, is what it looks like all together in the stockpot before the heat is turned on. Turn it up to Medium Low and wait until it starts steaming a bit. Turn it down and let it simmer for about 45 minutes. Stir it a few times during the process. But do so with your intentions in mind. This is an active potion and needs to be infused as such. I also do not use ANYTHING with Teflon. It is a forever chemical that has altered us in so many ways.

Photo by Author

Once it’s ready, it will look similar to this.

Berchta’s Offering

I decided that she deserved the very best serving container I could provide. Which was my Great Grandmother’s 22k Gold rimmed glasses. I took one of them and placed hot water in it so it wouldn’t break. Once the glass was heated up I ladled it in held it for a moment and then placed it at the setting I had laid out for her. Unfortunately, dealing with heat and camera phones can be tricky. So please forgive the lack of final photo. It ended up way blurrier than I realized!

Witches, please, over the coming days, take time to ground, center and just breathe deeply. We’re all going through the same stressors. We’ve got this!

With Darkest Gratitude, A candle & a key,
Ivy & Kaycee

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